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Writing Prompt #4 : Whump Prompt



Your character has just escaped from his captors and is running through a swamp. He grasps his wounded, bleeding side and trudges on through the swamp. He grows weary from running, weak from hunger, and is dizzy from blood loss. Heart beating faster, he plods through the muck using whatever strength he has, but the loos of blood was making him wobbly. He knew that he couldn’t go on for much longer but he had to try to put as much distance as he could between him and his captors. He trudges on, growing weaker and weaker. Finally, before his legs could give out, he leans back on a large bald cypress tree and slumps down into the thick mud. Anxiously, he glances around, looking for any sign of his captors and, for once, in a very long time, breathes a jagged sigh of relief. He lays there, chest deep in thick mud, thoughts racing madly; his heart beats rapidly in his chest.

Night time falls. The character’s head explodes in a very painful headache. His ears ring loudly with a white noise. The character shifts uncomfortably in the cold thick mud, trying to keep himself upright. The swamp spins around like a globe in the character’s weak and tired eyes. He struggles to keep them open, knowing that his captors could be upon him at any moment. But the white noise grows louder in the characters ear until he feels like he could swim in it. His eyelids grow heavier and heavier until he could no longer keep them open. He slumps downward into the mud until his lips gently disappear below the surface, the mud just under his nose. His eyes, weakly and tired, glance up at the night sky one more time before his vision fades out and he slowly drifts of into unconsciousness…

Nnnnnope. Nope. You can’t make me. Nuh uh. Not gonna tag @gumnut-logic . No sir.

@the-lady-razorsharp @scribbles97 I am immune to your inspiratordom ::puts up shields:: This has nothing to do with TB2 swooping in at the last minute. Nothing to do with some horrible nasty person kidnapping John. Ohhh, no, I haven’t built up a whole backstory within seconds of reading it. No, I haven’t! I’m just going to leave John there lying in the mud, I tell you. I am 😀 ::pouts:: I don’t have time to write it anyway ::wails::

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