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Write a ‘small but definite happiness’ list for each of your main characters





-what simple, everyday things make them happy? 

-try to get as
specific as possible (ex. ‘drinking a mug of strong green tea first
thing in the morning’ instead of just ‘tea’)

-[then write a list for yourself because it’s important to remember the little things that bring you joy]

Oooh, I like this one – we should do one for all the Tracy clan 😀

Yes yes!

Okay, let’s do this.

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Aaargh! Having to go to work is so inconvenient. I miss all the fun ::pouts::

These are fabulous, of course 😀 Particularly John liking Gordon’s laughter and how Eos says his name 😀

I’d like to contribute a couple of things.


 – the feel of speed pressing him back into his seat, the Gs accelerating as his ‘bird tears through atmosphere.

 – the sonic boom (providing he isn’t over a populated area :D)


 – the silence of true space weightlessness. Eyes closed, far above the planet, floating, yet flying.


 – uninterrupted sleep. Oh, the beauty!

 – the moment between one note and the next, when you know the next one is coming and the first one hasn’t quite finished vibrating.


 – the exasperation on his brothers’ faces due to a well executed prank. It is a weird mixture of ‘I am going to kill you’ and ‘I love you, damnit!’


 – Simply being a brother to his brothers. Being one of them. Owning the Tracy name.

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