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Worked all day, so now I have no energy to write again ::headdesk:: So here is the little I have managed. ::hugs you all::

“Virgil?” Scott.

“Before anyone asks, I’m fine, I just need coffee.” And she watched as her fiancé scanned the room, looking for that fabled pot.

“Here you go, sir. Just as you like it.” Parker appeared as if from nowhere and Virgil pounced on the mug of liquid ecstasy in his hand.

Kayo turned away, refusing to be baited by her lover’s relationship with coffee.

Em was pale, sitting in her hoverscoot beside Scott. Her brother caught her eye and suddenly she was pinned. Scott was not happy. No doubt there would be hell to pay later. The man hated not knowing and the Kip Harris and Em Harris surprise would likely have royally pissed him off.

“But tell me, honey, are you okay?” Kip’s attention was narrowed on his niece.

Em held up a hand. “I’m fine, Uncle. I promise. Scott has me well in hand.” And she forced a smile.

“Oh, he does, does he?” That narrow beam attention hit the eldest Tracy brother between the eyes.

“Yes, sir, I do.” And those blue eyes blazed back, defiant.

“You better, boy.”

“Uncle Crispin!”

“Kip, dear, put away your dynamite. Scott’s a Tracy. There are none more honourable. You should know that.” Her grandmother’s faith echoed around the sunken lounge.

Virgil, probably purposefully ignoring them all in favour of his coffee, groaned unconsciously as he folded himself onto one of the lounges beside Scott.

Immediately the older brother’s attention dropped Kip and narrowed on the younger pilot. “Virg, are you sure you’re okay?”

Virgil sighed as he leaned back, closing his eyes, coffee still in hand. “Give me a minute. I’m still fuelling.” He took another gulp of the very hot coffee and groaned obscenely.

“God, Virg, get a room.”

“Already got one, Gordon. Don’t like it? Find your own.” Another gulp and a sigh. “Parker, marry me.”

Kayo, sitting down beside him with her own cup of coffee, kicked his boot. “You are taken. Though that may change in the near future if you don’t stop making love to your mug.”

Gordon snorted his own drink and spluttered all over himself.

I’ve forever stuck in Christmas Eve ::flails::

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