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WIP Fic list


Okay, here I am on the other side of crazy month. Still have some client work to do, but the big scary is gone until July next year where I have an exhibition lined up – and the twenty paintings I need to paint between now and then ( ::runs around screaming madly:: )

However, I have given myself a good chunk of December to play with the Tracy boys before I get out my paintbrush.

November mangled my nice theory of one, maybe two fics being written at one time, so now I need to work out exactly what is hanging five and the mess I need to clean up.

So the fics currently in progress are:

  • The Price (Sotto Voce) – gotta be in the right frame of mind for this, needs brain power and an angry Virgil. I know mostly what is going to happen, just need to write it.
  • Tick Tock (standalone) – a little stuck on this one, needs more creative thinking, but is at least two thirds complete already.
  • Love & Sacrifice (Warm Rain) – I pretty much know what is going to happen with this one as it has been mostly written in my head for about a month now. Just need to sit down and write it.
  • First Date (Warm Rain) – the trip to the lighthouse, Alan issues and the Lambo. Some scenes sketched out in my head, tying in a pile of prompts @the-lady-razorsharp has thrown my way. Damn, I need to write this soon, I’m losing the scape in my head, aargh. Also an attempt to write an entire fic without injuring Virgil, so will be interesting.
  • Warm Rain Halloween (Warm Rain) – well, November the crazy blew this one out of the water. Vague idea what is happening. Really need to go for it at some point to see where it might take me. At this rate it might be finished by next Halloween ::headdesk:: 

I think that is all the ones that are currently started, but there are a series of fics on the horizon that will need to be tackled at some point.

  • Virgil and puppies – yes, this will be written.
  • The second big fic in the Warm Rain series – Starting with ‘Goodbye’, so technically it is already a work in progress, but I had to write Love & Sacrifice first as the plotline rides on that fic 😀 I has evil plans! ::rubs hands together eagerly. And yes, @vegetacide, you know what I’m talking about ::cackles::
  • A request fic with Virgil and exhaustion 😀 Yes, this was requested before Tick Tock so I will be coming up with something different 😀
  • Anything else that I’ve forgotten or gets sparked by the evil @the-lady-razorsharp throwing prompts at me 😀

Ugh, five fics in progress at once. I will have to fix that and knock a few off to clear my plate. Stupid November is always nuts. I’m jumping peninsulas this weekend and taking my camera with me (such bliss, so there will be no client work for four days and an internet connection on the beach…it is going to be lovely, my reward for bloody November 😀 ). So there will be writing, photography, and possibly some jewellery as I have a commission from last weekend’s market to complete (yeah, I’m still taking work with me ::headdesk:: but it is fun work 😀 ).

Anyway, at least now I have a fic to do list and I can start ticking them off. 😀

Thank you to all you wonderful peeps who support me in my crazy endeavours, you are wonderful. Every like and every comment is so valued and keeps me going. Those of you who chat we me are also wonderful. I’m not one to reach out much, don’t like to bother people, so I really appreciate it when you take the initiative and poke me first 😀

Let December begin 😀

(off the edge, but learning to fly)


  • The Price – still hanging five but one of two on top of the list. Some more work has been done on it, so we are getting closer ever so slowly. Blame RL.
  • Virgil and Puppies (or should that be kittens?) – priority now high
  • Tick Tock complete
  • Love & Sacrificecomplete
  • Her Idiot – random fic that wasn’t even on the list – complete
  • A Little Warm Rain at Christmas – Veggie’s fault. Wasn’t on the list, is now started. Will see if it continues. Based in Canada and there was some plotwork done. Will need to dig it up.
  • First Date – also here, here and here. Status same
  • Warm Rain Halloweenhere and here. Status same
  • Give & Take – second big fic in the Warm Rain Universe now has working title. Also has two scenes – Sooty Green Dragons & two – plus a deleted scene written. Needs me to sit down and write properly.
  • Green Dragon Dreaming – also not on this list but appears in my feed and not on my master story list ::headdesk:: – complete
  • Wedding fic – has been added to the list as much plotwork was discussed.
  • Paparazzi fic – had this one in mind for a while, now adding to list.
  • Two possible Sotto Voce John and Virgil and EOS fics have been discussed just recently.
  • A request fic with Virgil and exhaustion 😀 Yes, this was requested before Tick Tock so I will be coming up with something different 😀
  • Not your Fault – yet another fic not on my list or my master story list. I appear to be good at doing anything but what is on my list – complete.
  • Christmas fic with Virg and Kayo swapping their first gifts as a couple – discussed, but I’m not sure I’m going to make it 😀
  • And I’m sure there are some I’ve forgotten – poke me if I’ve asked you for a fic idea and it is not on this list.

I think I need to update my master story list.

Whatever happened to one at a time???? Ack, well I have my priorities lined up anyway, I just need to actually do something with them 😀

(who likely won’t hesitate to deviate from the list if offered something bright, shiny and Virgil :D)

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