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Where there’d be writing…

Want to write…::struggles to computer, sits down, stares at computer, tries not to fall asleep, fails::…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

Where there’d be writing, there is sleep
Where there’d be thought, there are sheep
Where there’d be words, an empty page
Where characters dance, an empty stage

For Ork has taken all I had
And though I’ve been good, and not been bad
I must to bed and take to sleep
And rid myself of a long, long week.

So the page and words will have to wait
Until the morn, until I wake
And madly scribble a phrase or two
Before the day begins anew.

(with finite energy reserves – sold today’s supply to pay the utility bills)

PS: Ork = Work (long story, will tell you all one day)

PPS: I really shouldn’t complain – I did the math last night. In the three weeks since I started writing in Thunderbirds fandom, I have written over 27,500 words. ::falls over ded::

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