The ramblings of a Nut who should be doing something else – Adelaide, South Australia

“What the hell were you

Scott stared at Colonel
Casey and bit back his caustic reply. “Colonel, they had Kayo.”

“And that gives you the
right to cross international borders and perform a military strike on

“They were terrorists,
Colonel! The Hood amongst them.”

“The GDF allows
International Rescue to operate because you are neutral and of worldwide
benefit, Scott. Aligning yourself for or against any party threatens that
neutrality, your safety, and puts the GDF in a difficult situation. You operate
military grade equipment with no governance, you could easily be branded a
terrorist organisation yourself.”

Scott bristled. “We have
the right to defend ourselves.”

“You have the right to
call the GDF who have the political savvy to combat this legally!”

“There wasn’t time! She
was being tortured.”

Casey sighed. “I know, and
I’m sorry. I should never have let her go in, but this can never happen again,

“Then perhaps we should
reconsider whether Kayo should be so easily available to the GDF’s whims.”

Her lips thinned and he
knew he had scored his point. It had become far too an easy option for the GDF
to task IR’s resources for their own purposes of late. Perhaps it was time to
draw a line.

“Perhaps.” Her dark eyes
were calculating. “How is she?”

Scott sighed. “Not happy.
We got her out, but we sustained injuries.”

Casey visibly started.

“Gordon was attacked and has
a concussion. Virgil was shot twice in the back.” He was blunt. He wasn’t in
the mood for sugar-coating anything.

The Colonel vanished for a
moment to be replaced with the Godmother he had known from his childhood. “My
god, Scott.”

“All three IR operatives
will recover. Though you should be aware that we will be down on manpower for
some time.” He looked away from his wrist comm for a moment, lips thinning.
Screw it. “International Rescue out.” And he cut the signal, leaning back on
the building behind him, rubbing his face with his hands. The sun taunted him,
flashing through his closed eyelids, the distant sounds of people walking
through the hospital grounds. The breeze rustled leaves.



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