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Venturing into a new fandom

Never posted anything of my own on here before so it’s kind of intimidating, but I’m hoping to start sharing a Thunderbirds Are Go fanfiction I’ve been working on.

I don’t have many followers and I doubt many are into TAG, but I’m going to take the plunge anyway. This post is just to say thank you to my friend @gumnut-logic for being so helpful and encouraging me to write something I can be proud of. You’ve been amazing, Nutty.

I hope I’ll make more new friends as a result. First installment of my fic to follow in the coming days, fingers crossed.

Heads up, Virgil fans, there is a cool new fic heading our way ::rubs hands together eagerly:: It’s lovely, long and whumpy 😁 Join me in welcoming the fabulous Chiddi to the wonderful Thunderbirds fandom 😁

Follow and friend, she is truly a wonderful person and her writing is fabulous. Let’s show her all the great support this fandom has to offer.

And besides I’m so excited to read this fic. I’ve read bits, but it’s coming, it’s coming! ::bounces::


(I’ve got wings, your support helps me fly)

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