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Unfortunately my fic writing will be slowing for the the next month. I have work commitments that can no longer be ignored (if you’ve been wondering how I’ve been writing so much, it has been because I’ve been ignoring everything else, bad Nutty!). I have promised myself some fun in December, so hopefully I can do some more then. In the meantime, I’m going to try and restrict my writing to after 10.30pm, so the fic will be short and a little wonky as I will be tired 😀 It will be a challenge, but I have to do it, I have clients waiting and November is going to be hell to get everything finished. ::pouts:: I just wanna write fic 🙁 ::pouts some more::

Anyway, here’s tonight’s installment. I drove 420kms today (day trip for fun :D), so yeah, I’m tired and a little dopey. I hope you enjoy it anyway.

Warm Rain Series, Virgil/Kayo, set sometime after ‘The Proposal’. Spoilers for ‘The Proposal’. This one is for pure fun 😀

Virgil stared into the mirror and fiddled with his bow tie.
No matter what he did, it didn’t sit straight. Its deep charcoal grey worked
perfectly with his pale grey shirt, but for some reason it just refused to

In the end he gave up. It would just have to stay that way.

His waistcoat was yet another shade of grey, this one darker
than his shirt, but lighter than his tie. He shifted his shoulders and the
familiar ache once again warned him that he still needed to take it easy. His
ribs and right arm still not entirely up to par.

The jet-black jacket matched the black pants, but was short
and angular at the front with long tails at the back. Virgil was not new to
formal wear, his status as the son of one of the wealthiest men on the planet
came with its list of necessary formal engagements, but still, this was one of
the rarer getups.

But it was all for a good cause.

Each year, Tracy Industries held a Halloween Charity Ball
with all the proceeds going to victims of disaster. Each year, the brothers
would scroll through the list of horrors that had happened the previous year
and find those who needed the most help. It was a way to follow up on the first
responder work they did, and often it helped offer a little closure when some
of those rescues weren’t one hundred percent.

This year Virgil was attending with his fiancé.

He grinned into the mirror. The term was still new and it
continued to tickle his fancy. He fingered the ring on his left hand for the
umpteenth time, the etched dragons rough against his skin.

The last piece of his suit was a thin cherry red scarf which
he draped around his neck.

Black shoes, silver cufflinks, check the hair, face, nails,
another self-conscious smile in the mirror and he was ready.

He and Kay weren’t able to arrive together. Kay was flying
in from Jakarta after following up on some rumours about a new terrorist cell brewing
in South East Asia. It wouldn’t normally be something International Rescue
would become involved in, but the rumour included not-so-natural disasters and
Colonel Casey had asked for Kayo to look into it, with Brains for technology
back up should they need it.

So, no shared limo or grand entrance for Virgil and his new fiancé.
Oh, there was a limo, but it contained four other Tracy brothers, two of which
would be a challenge to contain, another who might kill them if not restrained,
and one who was probably being dragged along kicking and screaming around about

As if on cue, voices in the hallway outside his room
suddenly increased in volume and something, or someone, collided with his door.

Walking over, Virgil stood back as he opened the door. And
just as well he had, as a human shaped pile of red sponge foam fell backwards onto
the carpet.

His youngest brother looked up at him from the floor. “Hey, Virg.”
Those blue eyes roamed up and down. “Wow, you look totally dapper. Who you
supposed to be?”

“I’m rather inclined to ask you that question. Though not
until I find out why you are on the floor.”

“Gordon tried to stab me with his trident?”

A blink. “Gordon has a trident?”

“Of course, I do.” And a spangly, half naked Neptune walked
in the door.

Virgil shouldn’t be surprised, yet every year, Gordon
provided an eye opener. There were sequins and glitter and barely any solid
material covering necessary anatomy. And all in blue and green and tinsel and,
yes, a trident.

“Interesting choice.” Virgil squinted. “You’ve grown a
beard?” And he had, it wasn’t much more than rough blond stubble, but
definitely there.

“Sure, I do need to look the part.”

“Interesting part.” There was definitely skin glue involved
with some of those sequins.

He looked back at his youngest brother who was clambering up
off the floor. “And your part is?”

“Oh!” Alan grinned. “Check this out.” And his brother knelt
down and folded himself into a car. A red racing car.

A moment and he unfolded, standing up once again, apparently
not so random chunks of foam sticking out at all angles, still grinning. “I’m a

Virgil blinked. Alan had a foam car hood as a bonnet. “I
admit, that is a good…design.” Okay, it was clever.

“So, who are you?” Alan’s eyes were eager.

“Not telling.”

“Hey!” Wow, the two of them could be choral.

“Not until Kay gets here.”

“Ooh, are we a pair, are we?” Gordon’s jiggled his eyebrows.

Virgil levelled a look at him.

Gordon held up his sparkly hands. They had body paint on
them as well. “Okay, okay, I know you two are all engaged and lovey dovey now…”

Virgil reached over and ripped a sequin off his brother’s

“Ow!” Gordon slapped a hand to the injured spot. “What did
you do that for?”

“Hmph.” He shrugged, smirking. “I thought that was skin
glue. Have fun getting all those off later.” He reached over and gently pressed
the sequin into a bare patch of skin. “Did you forget it was for wound repair?
And I hope you’ve restocked our supplies.”

The look on his brother’s face set Virgil grinning as he
waltzed past Gordon and out into the corridor. Score one for brother number

Unfortunately, distracted, he didn’t see brother number
three and collided with him, nearly sending both of them to the floor.

“Oh, god, sorry…J-“ His hands met soft silk and he looked
up, this time truly focussing on his tall brother.

Oh my god.


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