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For Nutty @gumnut-logic

The pins dug into her scalp, giving her a headache. She needed some fresh air and tried to make her way to the balcony but the long train of her gown kept getting caught in the heels of her shoes. Shoes that she wasn’t used to wearing.

Why oh why did she agree to this … charade?

Flinging the doors open, she stood there, silhouetted against the night sky. She was so focused on her throbbing head that she didn’t hear footfall softly approaching.

Nor did she hear the sharp intake of breath as Virgil saw her … for the first time.

The dress moulded itself to her curves and cascaded in folds to the floor. The thin shoulder straps revealing a bare but muscular back.

She was … dazzling

Oh how he longed to run his fingers down her spine and lightly kiss the nape of her exposed neck.

Instead, he grabbed a shawl from one of the chairs, coughed lightly to let her know he was there … and approached, draping it around her shoulders.

He stood next to her, leaned forward, putting his hands on the cold marble rail and gazed upwards.

“John’s missing a treat,” he said with a chuckle and turned his head, “You okay?”

::splutters inchoherantly:: Oh, oh, oh wow! This is…..::shunts through vocab listing…comes up with error, sufficient word not found:: Wow 😀

I absolutely adore that he grabs the shawl and puts it across her shoulders. Mine! No one else can see! I’m keeping it for later kinda gesture 😀 ::eyes John:: What has he got to do with it 😀

Gorgeous drawing 😀 This is something much like what I have in mind for the WArm Rain Halloween…whenever I get around to finishing it 😀

You should write more, yes, write more ::grins evilly::

I thought I should be the one giving you birfday pressies 😀 ::ponders if I can draw anything:: Hmm…I cooooould maybe. All my ffanfic drawing has failed miserably, but maybe I could.. ::chews nails:: So much easier to draw with words (says the professional artist ::headdesk:: Maybe I should change careers :D)

Thank you sooo much for this, I am truly spoilt ::hugs you madly::


(God, I love this fandom :D)

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