The ramblings of a Nut who should be doing something else – Adelaide, South Australia


Scott: No, Gordon

Gordon: But they maaaaaaatch

Scott: Bro I can think of a lot better ways to blow a couple mil

Gordon: Yeah have Virgil take off four times

Scott:…point taken. But the answer’s still no


Virgil: Hey, why am I getting picked on? How about Thunderbird Three?

Alan: Hey!

Gordon: Takes a lot to get the green brick off the ground.

Virgil: That may be because she’s busy hauling your ass around.

Gordon: Point taken.

Alan ::arms crossed:: Costs more to keep Thunderbird Five in the sky.

John (over the comms):Are we bringing this up again?

Sorry, random and could go further…I blame plot bunny infestation. (And I love your response ::glomps you with marshmallows::). If not appropriate, whack me with something and I will delete.

::huggles you::

I plead insanity.


(It is scary in here today)

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