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I drew a self-indulgent rarepair. Oops?

Eeeeeeee so glad I found this! @neonssketchdump you made at least one person very happy with this 😉

I’m just going to sit here and reblog the Lady R, because she found some wonderful stuff today 😀 Many thanks to @neontsuba for their stunning artwork (there is more than one happy person, I can guarantee it :D). I love the expression on Virg’s face in this and her hand on his chest 😀 Incidentally, not so much of a rare pair anymore. I so blame you guys, I’m innocent, I tell ya!

Hmm, I was considering cranking up my life drawing skills and seeing if I could come up with some half decent fan art ::chews nails:: I’m much better with a pencil or a paintbrush, but I gotta face the digital pen someday, that’s why I bought the silly thing 😀 

(Off the edge, but learning to fly)

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