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The Balcony

A little Warm Rain and an argument. Virgil/Kayo I prompted myself (and will now go and look at the lovely prompts on my previous post ::rubs hands together eagerly:: ) with this photo This started in one place and ended up in completely another.

She came out here
sometimes to pretend to read.

She came with
alcohol and she came with anger.

The second story
of their private villa was built purely for the view. large windows opened to
their bedroom and a large stone balcony paralleled the horizon, only the sea
between the two.

She came out here
to be angry.

The reasons
varied, but each time she would sit silent and work through the cause of that
anger. The alternative was violence and that was not a solution.

She loved Virgil.
She loved him with everything she had. But he was not perfect. She was not
perfect. So the balcony, though not often, was used to manage those angry

Today it was a
decision in the field. He had chosen to protect her.

She didn’t need

They had been
attending a rescue in one of those few remaining countries with a strong
patriarchal influence, where women were restricted in their activities and
their clothing.

She shouldn’t
have even been aboard Thunderbird Two, but they were on the way back from
another rescue.

He wouldn’t let
her off the ship.

She had argued.
He had been firm. He could have called in Scott for an order, but he didn’t. He
kept it between the two of them.

She could do
almost anything any of her brothers could physically, sometimes even better.
But it was the almost that stuck in her craw.

Being female,
even in this day and age, still had it’s obstacles.

And then Virgil
had needed help, the four miners were stuck and it was a two man job. Emphasis
on the ‘man’. And he had called in Scott rather than let her off his ‘bird.

She was furious.

It wasn’t his
fault, but it was.

She had fumed all
the way home, hadn’t said a word beyond the necessary to him since.

She’d showered
and changed, stalked past him and planted herself on the balcony. He knew what
it meant. She could hear him attending to his own ablutions in the ensuite.

She closed her
eyes. Didn’t acknowledge the chair that scraped on the stonework, didn’t bother
to open her eyes as his shadow passed over her as he stepped between her and
the setting sun. She ignored him.

Her lips thinned.

A finger touched
her cheek.

Her eyes opened
on reflex and she came face to face with his concerned chocolate gaze.

“You know I don’t
agree with their ideology, don’t you?”

She looked away
and scoffed to herself. Of course, he didn’t.

A finger touched
her chin and drew her back to look at him. One of his eyebrows was arched. “It was
not worth the risk.”

“Risk? I’m
security, Virgil, I am well aware of the risks.”

“I trust your
judgment, Kay, except in this situation.”

That got her
blood boiling. She turned towards him. “You don’t trust me?”

“That is not what
I said.”

“Yes, it is.”

His back
straightened. “I have known you most of your life, Kay, and the one major
trigger you have is gender roles. You have a competitive streak a mile wide,
particularly when it comes to male versus female. That was not the situation to
test it.”

She saw red and
shot to her feet. “I am a professional! I know what the hell I am doing.”

“Then why didn’t
you volunteer to stay on the ship?” And he was standing, too, his eyes lit with

“There was no

“There was plenty
of need. Women are mistreated in that society. I refuse to expose you to that.”

“You refuse?
Since when is it your decision?”

“You’re my wife.”

“And that gives
you what power? Do we still live in a similar society? Do you have the right to
make my decisions for me? Should I dress as you please?”

He shoved his
face into his hands and sighed in frustration. “Don’t be stupid, Kay.”

She shut up.

He ran his hands
through his hair, before pinning her with tired eyes. “The only right I reserve
in my position as your husband is my right to protect you. I will protect you,
Kay, with everything I have.”

He turned to

“You can’t,

His back
straightened. “Watch me.”

And he walked


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