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Lady Penelope has been codenamed after a favourite blend of tea. I am uncertain if I am very clever or very lame. Probably both.

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Superpower AU Premise // (superpower_au/chrono)

Superpower AU – Part 5

Virgil wishes it was unfamiliar, the sensation of Gordon’s hands planted on his chest, and water being forced up, out of his nose, mouth. His brother’s kneeling over him, intent and concentrating on pulling the water out of Virgil’s airways. There’s a last, warm gush of liquid up through his throat, and it brings silt, grit from the river bottom along with it before Virgil manages to roll over and push himself up, hacking and choking on his own, spitting up mud and shoving his brother away.

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I am such a fan of superheroes, and a fan of TAG, so this is absolutely wonderful. Highly recommended. Go read now 😀



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