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Tales of Sotto Voce 4


Virgil staggered sideways into his father’s desk as Eos screamed through his mind. He grabbed his head, gasping at the fear, the terror, ricocheting through his mind. “God!” His elbow hit the woodwork, his feet slipping from beneath him.


Scott’s yell added to the clamour and he scrunched his eyes shut.

And then came the images. Shit! “John!”

He vaguely heard his big brother yelling for Thunderbird Five, but all he could see was John coming in contact with an arc of electricity, his body spasming, smoke, oh god. Virgil’s stomach roiled. Eos’ emotion rolled over him in waves. The hardwood floor leapt up and hit him.


Eos, please.


I-I know. Get help.

Images of Brains rushing to his brother’s aid. Alan not far behind him.

A hand touched his cheek. He jumped and flinched away, skidding on the floor, coming up hard against the base of his father’s desk.



He forced his eyes open and found wooden floor out of focus. He turned his head and encountered the concerned face of his brother. “John’s hurt.”

“We know. Brains and Alan have him.” A pause. “How are you?”

Virgil swallowed bile. “Been better.” He put his hands under him and attempted to push himself up. Predictably, Scott grabbed him when he faltered, his brother grabbing him under his arms and helping him into a sitting position against the desk.

Eos still hummed in his head, agitated, scared, worried.

Virgil ran his hands over his face. “Damn.” Images flickered through his mind. John prone, unresponsive. Brains and Alan darting around him. Reaching out, he sought information.

His brother was not responding.

Virtual sparks as the cardiostimulator was applied.

Concerned words, controlled panic reached the mic pickups. Alan yelling at his brother.

Limp blond-red hair.

Please, John.

Eos wailed in his ear.


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