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As Il Mago comes to a close (I haven’t finished writing yet and I suspect I will need to rewrite some of what I have written), I thought I would ask all you wonderful peoples what kind of fic you might like me to write next. I can’t guarantee anything, my muse is vagrant and pretty much does whatever it wants to do and completely ignores what I want (though I am getting more commanding in my old age :D). And then there is the issue of characters doing what they want ::eyes Virgil:: But I am interested in what you would actually like to read in the Thunderbirds fandom (I think with my brain in this fandom at the moment, I doubt you’ll get much else out of me, and if you do, I’m liable to fall out of TB fandom and into another one, and then my TB writing will stop 🙁  it happens)

So anyway, would you like more adventure, hurt/comfort, whump, romance, humour (very hard to write on demand, but I love it when it works), more piano, arty Virgil, another brother, another ship, Virgil/Kayo, more explosions, less explosions, sexy times, Tracy Island on fire, space, kissing, Scott and Virgil (this is likely to happen anyway), something like one of my other fics, follow-ons from one of my other fics, Virgil and flowers, Virgil crying, Virgil laughing, Virgil glue and feathered by Gordon, Scott’s reaction to Virgil glue and feathered by Gordon, Gordon hanging upside down from TB2 midflight, Alan joining him moments later after laughing his ass off at Virgil glue and feathered…umm, you get the idea 😀

I work well with one word challenges, so feel free to throw a character/s and a word at me. That might work. Or simply suggest what you might be interested in. In the last few months you have seen a good chunk of my repertoire of writing (though I would never limit myself to its confines and am always willing to try new stuff – whether or not I will be good at new stuff always remains to be seen – I wrote some horror once, it was so frickin’ intense to write, I scared myself silly).

Anyway, any preferences? Any ideas?

(on holidays, so you never know what might happen :D)

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