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Random ficlet

Because I got prompted with the words ‘power cut’. May stay this way, may grow into a bigger fic at some point.

Gordon yelled as the sky lit up. “Virgil!”

There was no answer. That would be too easy.

The arc of electricity left images on his retinas, blinding him momentarily, and the sudden silence was ominous.


He dashed through the open gates of the power station, following the footsteps in the snow, deep due to the weight the exo-suit on his brother’s body.

“Thunderbird Five, do you have him?”

John’s voice was tense. “No, too much interference. His comms are down.”

Damn. Not good.

The aquanaut dashed amongst giant transformers. Nothing was humming. All was quiet.

A single spark cracked off to his right.

Gordon dashed around the corner and came face to face with the stuff of nightmares.

Virgil hung limp from his suit, its claws wrapped around the cable that had sent life to the city. The power was cut. No doubt many lives had been saved.

But Virgil…

Gordon ran.



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