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Random ask.. Cause my current pairing obsession is not a typical one for TaG… Any Vigil/Kayo ideas for the future? For some reason I really like these 2 together more so then Tin with Alan or Scott with Kayo.. Which seems to be the popular thread atm…


Ooh, I haven’t really considered a pairing in this fandom. Traditionally I write gen, but that doesn’t mean I can’t write ship (which I have on request in the past). I could certainly give it a go if you like. I like experimenting with my writing and seeing what I can do.

I haven’t read much of the pairing, so if you could give me any recs on what I should read for background material, that would be great. Otherwise, I could just make stuff up 😀

Thank you so much for asking 😀

(determined to finish a fic tonight as well :D)

Came across this while wading through Virgil being flagged for being too hot on my blog (no kidding, at least twice so far – once hanging off the spire in Inferno, oh yeah, baby 😁and that shot of his head from TOS when he saves Penny in The Perils of Penelope…so determinedly marionette hot in that one).

I have to laugh at this post considering what has happened since, Hey @vegetacide ::grin::


(See what you guys did???)

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