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Puppy Pile

This one is for @ak47stylegirl who asked for a group hug. Well, I didn’t quite deliver a hug exactly….what I came up with, well, I hope you enjoy it anyway 😀

Warning for a little toilet humour, and just a touch of Virgil/Kayo cos I couldn’t resist 😀

“Who’s stupid idea was this anyway?”

“Whose is it usually?”

“Gordon’s!” Two, possibly three voices answered in unison, the third one cut off by a yelp.

“Hey! I wasn’t the one who lost the bet.”

“No, that was Scott’s fault. Ow, get off my fingers!”


She winced. That had to hurt, Virgil was heavy. “Guys, settle down.”

“I would, but Alan has his butt in my face.” There was a sudden loud drawn out putter. “Oh my god, you didn’t!”

Her lips twisted.

“Oh, you did! My god, Alan, in my face! You shit! You reek!” And Gordon was gagging.

She couldn’t help but notice the smirk on Scott’s face. In echo of years long gone, “Now, Alan, what do you say?”

Dutifully her littlest brother piped up, “Pardon me.”

“You are going down, bro. So down, you won’t see daylight for a week.”

“Can we get on with this please?” John was being extremely tolerant, particularly since he was currently standing with his legs crossed and one arm stretched across Virgil’s back. Somehow he managed to emanate poise no matter his pose. Likely all those gymnastics in zero gravity.

“I would but I don’t believe Scott is quite in position yet.”

Her eldest brother frowned. “What do you mean? This is right, isn’t it?”

“No, Scott, think a little more about Virgil.”

“What? Oh, really? But that’s…”

She arched an eyebrow and he groaned. “Alan move your head.”

“Sorry, Scott, no can do, currently attached to my neck, which is attached to my body, yada yada. You’re gonna have to go around.”

“How the hell am I going to reach that?”

“Work it out. You’re the one who got us into this mess.”

“Alan, we all agreed, we’re all to blame.” Trust Virgil to even the playing field.

“You’re only saying that because she’s your girlfriend.”

“That has nothing to with it.” But he did look up at her and smirk.

She grinned back.

“Okay, that’s it, I think Virgil rigged it.” Gordon somehow managed to glare upside down.

“I did no such thing.”

“Guys!” And yes, John was getting testy. Time to move on.

She spun the spinner and waited for it to stop. “Okay, left hand green.”

“You’re kidding?!” Scott.

“Definitely Virgil, never played so much green in my life. Alan, get off my foot!” Gordon.

“I would if Scott would stop trying to….hey! That’s not going to fit no matter how hard you try, big boy.”

Kayo blinked.

“Virgil, watch what you’re touching.”

“Yah, uh, sorry, John.”

She saw it coming, it was like a train wreck in slow motion. Virgil withdrew his arm and threw off his balance. He wobbled, attempted to save himself, but the rules of the game denied his instinct and he hesitated.

And toppled.

Taking all four of his brothers with him.

A puppy pile of Tracy limbs all over the floor, complete with squawks and grumblings to match. She couldn’t help herself. She burst out laughing.

Gordon surfaced first, shoving far too many kilos of artistic brother off his legs. “Goddamnit, Virgil! You so rigged this. Tracy Twister, my ass. I’m putting glitter in your shampoo, I’m hanging your underwear from the flagpole and chucking your pillow in the pool.”

But Virgil didn’t seem to care. He was on his back laughing his head off.

His four brothers stared at him.

She bit her lip, counting it down.

Scott cracked up first, followed by Alan, John grinned like a maniac and finally Gordon, sitting cross legged on the floor, arms equally crossed over his chest, let his glare fold into a smile, then a smirk, and a giggling laugh.

Smiling, she looked over above her laughing brothers, toward the doorway. Grandma winked from the shadows.

And Kayo grinned even more.

It may have been rigged, but it was worth it.


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