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Love and Sacrifice: Part Two

Title: Love and Sacrifice

Part Two

Warm Rain Series

(Prologue & Part One)

Author: Gumnut

Oct – Nov 2018

Fandom: Thunderbirds Are
Go 2015/ Thunderbirds TOS

Rating: Teen

Summary: When she is worth

Word count: 1845

Spoilers & warnings:

Timeline: After ‘Sharing
the Scenery’ and the events of ‘Road Rash’.

Author’s note: And here is
finally the story of the scar Virgil has on his back mentioned in the first fic
of this series and so uproarishly demanded by you wonderful people. I hope it
meets expectations. Also, pieces of this fic have been posted all over the
place in the last couple of months as I have been slowly piecing it all together,
so apologies if you have read some of it before or it seems familiar as I’ve
re-written sections.

Disclaimer: Mine? You’ve got to be kidding. Money?
Don’t have any, don’t bother.


Gordon had the music up

Doing maintenance on his
baby was important, but sometimes it just bored his brain into leaking out his
nostrils and music always made everything better.

Especially when it
vibrated the module walls.

The fact he managed to
hear a crash over the blaring classic AC/DC was a sign of exactly how loud it
had been.

A frown and he killed
the volume.

Metal hitting concrete
was suddenly followed by breaking glass.

What the hell?!

Dropping the wrench,
Gordon slipped out of Module Four and crept in the direction of the cacophony.
Thunderbird Two towered green over him, as he stepped quietly around her.

Virgil’s workshop, usually
a picture-perfect poster of order and precision, had tools scattered out the
door. The window between the hanger and the workshop lay in shards on the

There was a yell and a
single spanner flew out the door, across the hanger and clattered harmlessly
against Thunderbird Two’s hull before it too hit the concrete. Another almighty
crash had Gordon hurrying over to peer through the broken window.

Two of Virgil’s precious
metal tool chests were on their sides, their orderly tools scattered across the
floor. One wall had a massive dent in it where something heavy had obviously
impacted. Half the worktops had been cleared, forcibly, work in progress all
over the floor, one of them being what Gordon knew to be Virgil’s latest pet

Who would do this to his
brother’s workshop?

His question was
answered almost immediately as his second eldest brother stood up from behind
one of the workbenches and tossed the remains of another project at the wall
beside Gordon.


He ducked as bits of
metal ricocheted off the drywall above him. “Virgil, what the hell?”

His brother’s head shot
up, and to Gordon’s horror, he found him teary and red-eyed. “Go away.”

“What’s wrong?” Gordon’s
heart was in his left shoe. Something horrible had to have happened. Virgil was
never violent. Never. Well, he had heard rumours about what had happened when
he had his hydrofoil accident all those years ago, but part of him hadn’t
believed Alan.

A glance at the half-destroyed
workshop was supporting his younger brother’s arguments.


“Get out!”

The anger, the out of
character fury was so inconsistent with his calm brother, Gordon couldn’t do
anything but what he was told.

He stepped back and
away, hiding himself from Virgil’s direct line of sight and hit his comms.

“Scott, what the hell is
going on?”

Another unidentifiable
tool flew past and hit his brother’s ‘bird. Gordon couldn’t help but flinch.

“Gordon, get up here. We
have a situation.” Scott’s voice was horribly tense.

“But Virgil-“

That voice fell hoarse
and quiet. “Leave him be.”

Gordon frowned. “Are you
sure? He’s destroying his workshop.”

“Ah, not the workshop.

“Uh, yeah.”

A pained sigh. “Leave
him to me. You need to get up here.”

“Okay.” And his own
voice was growing faint. What the hell had happened? The sounds coming from the
workshop…he peered around the corner. Virgil was hunched over one of the
benches, his shoulders shaking. Gordon’s gut twisted as he hid back around the
corner, his voice barely a whisper. “But you need to get down here, Scott.

“I know.” And his
brother killed the connection.

There was another yell
and something else made of glass shattered in the room beyond. It was followed
by a sob.

Gordon found himself
holding back one of his own. Stepping away, horror and dread in his heart. He
had to find out what had happened, but for it to affect Virgil like this….

He was terrified.


Scott made his way down
to the hanger with dread in his heart. He knew Virgil was in love with Kayo. He
knew that he had been unhappy since she left. Something had happened between
them, he didn’t know what, but whatever it was, it exacerbated the current
situation. Gordon had been pale as he passed him on the stairs, his worry

As Scott entered
Thunderbird Two’s hanger, he understood why.

Oh, Virgil.

His brother was trudging
through glass, lugging equipment, heading towards Module Two. And immediately,
Scott knew what his brother was going to do.


His brother paused his
stride, but he didn’t turn in Scott’s direction.

“Has John found her

Scott bit the inside of
his cheek. “No, he is still looking.”

Virgil resumed dragging
equipment into the module bay.

“Virgil! Please, I can’t
let you go.”

His brother didn’t stop
moving. “You can’t stop me.”

Scott strode across the
hanger, ignoring the destruction in the direction of his brother’s workshop,
and grabbed his brother from behind. “Virgil!”

He was pushed away.

“Kayo knows what she is

That did it. Virgil
turned around.

The man looked horrible.
His eyes were red rimmed and he had a small cut on one cheek. His voice was
hoarse. “She was beaten and tied to a chair. What exactly do you think she is

Scott held up his hands.
“Kayo has trained with Penny and the GDF. She knows how to combat a situation
such as this.” And you don’t. It echoed around the hanger without being said.

“I can’t leave her

And that cut to the core
of the matter.

“We don’t even know
where she is yet, Virgil. Please…” Please wait. Give me a chance to support
you in this.

“This is Kayo. I

Scott tentatively
reached out and placed a hand on his brother’s shoulder. He found it trembling
just slightly. Virgil looked up at him and just for a moment, a horrible
vulnerability surfaced in those brown eyes, worry, fear and a soul-stealing
terror, but a blink, and it was swallowed by that same control that had chilled
Scott to the bone earlier.

“I’ll find her.” Virgil
turned away and resumed dragging the equipment across the bay.

“How?” Scott followed
him, putting himself in the way, stopping his brother simply by being there.
When Virgil refused to answer, Scott grabbed him by both shoulders and brought
him to a halt. “Please, Virgil, I can’t lose you too.” His voice broke.

“Too?” The sudden horror
in his brother’s eyes cut him to the quick. “What are you trying to say, Scott?

“Nothing! Virg, please
don’t rush off like this. They are terrorists.”

“And that is why I have
to go!”

“And what do you think
you can do?”

“What I always do! Save

“You’re not trained for
this, Virgil.”

His brother looked away.
“I don’t need to be. All I need to do is get her out of there.”

Scott opened his mouth
to retort, but he was interrupted.

“Thunderbird Five to
base. We’ve found her.” John’s voice echoed from Scott’s comms and bounced
around the hanger.

A fire lit in Virgil’s

There was going to be no
stopping him.

Oh yes, he could deny
him access to Thunderbird Two, he could even physically restrain him, with help
from a brother or three.

But no, there was going
to be no stopping him.

At John’s words, he
stepped in front of his brother. “Virg, we do this together or not at all.” He
pinned him with his eyes. “I can’t let you go alone.”

There was no mistaking
the conflict in Virgil’s eyes and it hurt to see it.

“Trust me, please.” And
their eyes locked. Scott knew what he was asking and god forbid if their
positions were ever reversed, he knew how hard it would be to give up control.

Virgil’s voice was
rough. “I trust you, Scott. Always have.” He looked down, his shoulders
slumping just a little, before he looked up yet again. “We have to get her out
of there.”

“We will.” It would be
one hell of an international incident, but screw it. The world owed them one.
“Now we go upstairs and work out exactly what we are going to do. No running
off on your own.” He gripped his brother’s arms. “Promise me.”

It took a moment, but
his brother managed a single nod.

“C’mon.” And he took his
arm and led him towards the stairs. “Let’s do this.”


Gordon’s face was pale
when they reached the comms room. Alan was absent having flown Brains to the
mainland that morning. There was no doubt John had called them back, but they
weren’t here now.

It was probably for the

Gordon’s expression of
concern the moment he set eyes on Virgil, could only be ignored to a point.

But as he stood in front
of John’s hologram, it was with Scott on his right and Gordon on his left, and
he straightened his posture, drawing strength from his brothers’ presence.

John spared him a
worried glance, not unlike Gordon’s, but dove into the topic regardless.

“She’s being held in an
abandoned palm plantation on one of the smaller islands north of Java.” A
holographic map appeared momentarily, zooming in to the suspect island, down to
the level where a series of ramshackle buildings scattered over a couple of
hectares. A single silver icon flashed in the centre of the largest building.

Virgil stared at it.

“I’ve been able to hack
their security system.” His brother fiddled with a control and a video image
appeared next to the map.

Virgil tensed and
flinched as a hand gently caught his wrist. Scott offering just that touch of
comfort mixed with restraint.


Her eyes were closed,
her face etched with pain, and piebald with bruising. One eye couldn’t open and
her lip was split enough to leave smudges of blood across her mouth where she
had been hit.

A man was talking to
her, demanding something, but they had no sound and his back was to the camera.

All four of them
flinched as he suddenly kicked their sister in the shin, startling her.

The hand on Virgil’s
wrist tightened as he took a step forward.


And Scott was saying

“We go in hard and fast.
Thunderbird One and Two are not equipped for stealth. Gordon, you will take
Thunderbird S and while Virgil and I provide distraction and support, you will
get her out.”


And Virgil was suddenly
reminded of the strength of the two military men beside him.

“Deploy camo and land
TBS here, enter through the windows. The building is minimally populated and
Virg and I will aim to empty it further. Your extraction route should back
track your entrance route. If that is not viable, we’ll take you out through
the roof. John, you’re on overwatch.” Scott took in a breath. “Guys, I know
this isn’t our usual method of operation, but these are unusual circumstances.
They’ve taken one of ours and quite frankly, I don’t trust the GDF to act fast
enough, so that leaves us.” The hand on Virgil’s wrist squeezed gently.

The video feed cut out
at a signal from Scott and Virgil was left staring at the blinking icon.

Hang on, Kay, we’re


Part Three

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