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I’ve run out of energy ::tips over sideways on the couch and starts to snore::

So only a little bit tonight…other than the crackfic I posted earlier today 😀

The engine purred.

Kay glanced as the scenery, a series of green wrapped, snow capped mountains draped in fog. Breathtakingly beautiful. But it was the interior of the car that kept capturing her attention, and the man driving beside her.

Dressed in a pale blue casual shirt, jeans and sunglasses, he was every inch the rich playboy. The rev of the specialised Lamborghini around them only added to the mystique.

But he wasn’t.

He was just Virgil. A kind, beautiful man she had known most of her life. A man who had kissed her on the steps leading up to his plane, flown her here and, holding the door for her, picked her up in his car.

One of his cars.

This beautiful machine was a stunning deep peridot green, chosen, no doubt for its similarity to a certain Thunderbird.

And its engine purred.


Ugh, I could do better.

::snores some more::

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