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It is Christmas morning here in Adelaide and my eldest daughter, who is ten years old, so very proudly gave me this card.

Being my daughter, but more importantly my husband’s, she has an evil sense of humour. The above drawing in my card is deliberately mutated – she is quite capable of spelling all the names correctly and is quite the little artist, but wanted to torture her mother 😀

So here be Scoot, Voojel and Goodin with Thunderbird Wun and Too. it should also be noted that with Voojel in the staring role, that he is farting rainbows – yes, I thought they’d enjoy the Prank War fics , so being the wonderful mother I am, I read them all four of them 😀 (the rainbow farts are from part one, many thanks to @vegetacide for the inspiration for that one 😀 )

This is my daughter’s revenge 😀 Apparently she loves me even when I bombard her with annoying Thunderbirds soundtrack. And yes, I avail myself of such a pastime quite often 😀

Am I a good Mum or what?

(good at torturing those she loves)

PS. she is standing here quite proudly wanting me to mention that Scoot has a mullet ::eye roll:: Gotta love her, I guess 😀

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