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International Rescue & Relief

Prompt & Fic List

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  • couples camping
  • double date


  • Brains and Moffie
  • Max and Fritzi incompatible companions
  • The tale of the lasagne dish
  • Someone is lactose intolerant but can’t resist cheesecake and refuses to eat the lactose free ones because they are ‘gross’


  • Something nice and friendshippy between Ned and John?  Bonus points for including Gladys and EOS.
  • Snowball fight and/or snowmen
  • Family hug
  • Cooking lessons
  • Video games
  • Board games
  • Marbles
  • Shopping trip
  • Kid!Jeff and Grandma Tracy
  • Parker on babysitting duty (Penelope or any Tracy boy)
  • Any Tracy brother(s) in the Rescue Scouts
  • Ned (and Gladys) doing gardening on Tracy Island
  • Kayo’s first period (bonus for flustered brothers)
  • Installing the space elevator
  • Scott receiving a hug from any brother (bonus if it’s a surprise one)
  • Anything with Scott and the Mechanic (I can’t think of anything myself but maybe someone else is more imaginative than me here?)
  • Scott teaching any younger brother to fly
  • Any younger brother teaching Scott something he doesn’t know
  • Scott vs any brother(s) in a prank war
  • EOS and Scott bonding time (bonus if it’s over John)
  • Teenage Scott getting a insignificant wound and any younger brother(s) jumping at the chance to play doctor
  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Demigod AU
  • Detective Conan crossover/AU
  • Sharing a bed (Platonic)
  • John, Scott and “ghosts/haunted”
  • “Here be dragons”
  • “You have mail!”
  • No rescues for 50 hours
  • Happy tears
  • The royal we
  • Hide and Seek
  • idk if it’s got enough fluff potential to count but something relating to Scott almost getting squished by the Earthbreaker
  • Fluff with the Lemaires
  • “I’d never do anything to get myself WRM’d”: Spoken like a liar
  • Instructions: Unclear (a DIY project)
  • Dirty hands
  • Sketchbook (bonus if it isn’t Virgil’s)
  • Upside down
  • Light in the darkness
  • Never alone
  • Colonel Casey and any boy(s), any age
  • Tangled up/tied in knots
  • Trampoline
  • No water in the pool
  • Heatwave
  • Frozen
  • “Get your hooves off” – a brother’s put his feet where someone thinks he shouldn’t
  • “Tick Tock”
  • Nursery rhymes
  • Hot chocolate (with cream and marshmallows)
  • “I’ll catch you”
  • A promise kept
  • Childproof
  • Platonic/familial “I love you”
  • Ice pack
  • Ballroom dancing
  • Broken china
  • Box of chocolates
  • The Phone Call
  • Graduation
  • DIY repairs
  • Haircut (bonus for a non-professional one)
  • Anything focusing on Gordon and Scott
  • “Everyday hero” – we know about the big ‘heroic’ things the boys of IR do, but what about the small things?
  • Adventure in the forest
  • Stealing the show
  • School play
  • Dress-up
  • The Milky Way (galaxy or chocolate bar!)
  • Dogpile
  • Social media
  • “Can you keep a secret?”
  • Family reunion
  • Llamas
  • “Wish you were here (and I wasn’t)”
  • Graffiti
  • Buddy and Ellie being rescued by a non-Gordon Tracy
  • Alan and Brandon having fun (and a despairing Scott)
  • Conrad’s ride back to the space hub in TB3
  • “Sorry I’m late”
  • Grandma makes edible food
  • Time Travel AU (bonus if it involves pre-series age Scott with series-age little bros)
  • Anything Brandon&Scott
  • Anything where Scott is the one being looked after
  • Anything Scott&Parker


  • Virgil, minor whump and a caring brother (adult Virgil)
  • Paper cut
  • artist!Virgil and science!Gordon go on an underwater photography jaunt
  • Fish and chips on the beach
  • The missing piece
  • Pool toys
  • Gordon’s paintbrush
  • A sculpture
  • A piece of news
  • Power drill
  • Toffee on the couch
  • Hand fed grapes
  • Skittles
  • Photo booth
  • The unidentified ice cream flavour
  • Why have we never seen the skypod again?
  • Tracy Island tour.
  • The rescue situation that actually occurred on Tracy Island.
  • The elephant.
  • Boating on the caldera with a possible picnic on Mateo.
  • Frogs
  • Wind on Tracy Island
  • Snow
  • Sunbathing
  • Quiet moments
  • He touched his hair
  • Something goes missing
  • Odd socks and why
  • The case of the doors left open just a crack
  • He lay his head down
  • The missing Thunderbird plushy
  • John’s vacation
  • Gordon tries to learn an instrument


  • Let’s build a pillow fort
  • Roomba vacuum
  • Piano recital (bonus for a Tracy other than Virgil)


  • John + chocolate
  • picnic + thunderstorm
  • Virgil + cooking book
  • Pen/Ink + hot air balloon
  • Orchestra


  • Any (little) bro & the school yard bully.
  • Any (adult) bros – A quiet night.
  • Any (adult) bros – The last slice of chocolate cake.
  • Any aged bro – The missing Teddy Bear.

And of course my favourite guy 🥰

  • Virgil & any family members – Alcohol & Karaoke.


  • One of the brothers being ticklish
  • Little Scott trying to babysit little Alan and Gordon
  • Karaoke night!
  • The boys making dinner for Grandma Tracy


  • Parker and Lady Sylvia
  • Gordon is asked to participate in the torch relay/opening ceremonies of the next Olympics
  • “We’re going to be uncles!” A Tracy has reproduced (can be Kayo too)
  • International Rescue: The Movie
  • “Parker, you’re fired!”
  • The secret origin of Jeff’s Flamingo shirt
  • Virgil participates in the World Firefighter Games (yes, that’s a real thing). Bonus point if Cass McCready is there too, because I like her.
  • Virgil x Cass McCready or Virgil x Kayo: posing for one of Virgil’s paintings
  • Scott in a kilt. Or any Tracy in a kilt. C’mon boys, show those legs!
  • Alan’s first kiss
  • Jeff Tracy VS François Lemaire


  • Jeff, Lucy and Planes.
  • Teenage Scott and Jeff and bonding time
  • John and Gordon and having stuff in common
  • Alan and Scott and anything


  • Little Virgil & Gordon
  • Snuggle Sunday with Virgil & Kayo


  • Any brother and puppies or kittens
  • Virgil trying to teach a brother how to art. Bonus if it isn’t painting.
  • Basically being candy strippers or visit children’s ward at hospital in IR gear. (Brother might be whumped but something minor, and they’re waiting).
  • Touring a rescue and rehabilitation organization for animals. (Not a zoo, something like Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi for example).
  • Guys going to first professional ballgame (your choice sport, even ⚽️).
  • A brother has to dress up as a full costumed mascot for an event. Can include minor whump like fainting from being too warm in costume, etc.
  • A brother has to be a cheerleader at a sporting event.
    • Bonus points if NOT powder puff American football
    • Now why this twist? I mean, it can be but for the overseas folk whom I’m not sure do this, powderpuff football has the girls play football 🏈 and the guys cheerleaders. Most of the time the guys are also in drag: wear skirts, wigs, etc. It’s easy to do this type of story – Tracys in drag cheering – than a Tracy brother actually be a member of the cheerleading team. But win-win either way.


  • Any characters – trapped in a lift/elevator
  • Gambling
  • Fever dream or some kind of dream/feeling of waking up in a different reality
  • The Hood takes a holiday
  • Any characters – “I’m still way too sober for this.”
  • Gordon/Lady Penelopee – Pirate/Mermaid AU
  • Any characters (but maybe including Scott) – going to the opera


  • Grandma threatening to punish Gordon and Alan, and Scott trying to protect them from her wooden spoon
  • Virgil gets drunk for the first time
  • Lady Penelope and Gordon taking sherbet to the park (as cute and fluffy as it sounds)
  • Jeff and Scott – build a robot for a fighting competition


  • Alan + Climbing Trees
  • EOS + Monopoly 
  • John + Beard
  • Virgil + Least Favorite Food
  • Scott + Fuzzy Slippers
  • Gordon + Vampires
  • Kayo + Banana
  • Jeff + Video Games


  • Alan + regrettable life choices
  • Pen and Ink + getting your own back
  • John + Kayo + surprise parties
  • Virgil + Eos + art
  • Scott + holiday style


  • I’m willing to offer up a challenge to anyone that wants to borrow Selene and write me something awesome with her and the boys.


  • John and Penny being close friends (bonus if there’s a suspicious Gordon in the background)


  • The island gets new residents… and all of them come from Super Smash Bros Ultimate (ngl I just want the boys to meet Kirby, aka the Puffball WHO EATS EVERYTHING)
  • also Speed Racer crossover — Alan meets Badass Racecar Driver Speed and just goes ‘I’ve found my alternate calling’


  • The Tracy boys get food poisoning from Grandma’s cooking while out on a mission.
  • Tracy (I would prefer Scott- could be any of them, comes home from a tough mission (or the Zero XL)) banged up a bit, couple of brusies, but it’s all worth it when he walks in to his bedroom to see his beautifully heavily pregnant wife (Marion Van Arkle- or any Tracy girlfriend, ) wearing his button down shirt and shorts – messy bun hair. Lying on his bed. He approaches her kisses her hair, rubs her belly. All of the tough missions, the Langstrom Fischlers of the world, and bumps bruises in between are all worth it just to have this moment at the end of the day.
  • I saw an image of Virgil and Gordon wearing hoodies of their Thunderbirds. So my prompt idea is the Tracy boys get onsies of their Thunderbird ships.
  • The Tracy boys in Onesies of their Thunderbirds- as adults and sure Younger Tracy works too.


  • Scott taking a little brother on their first rollar coaster ride. (They can love it, hate it, or anything in between)
  • A brother scared of the dark. (Bonus points if you include Jeff or Grandma Tracy)
  • The Kansas farmhouse and fireflies
  • Penelope collects snowglobes for Gordon


  • John hurt or in danger in a space elevator incident.
  • The Hood recognises John in The Man from TB5 and angst/hurt/comfort follows


  • Gordon turned into a tiny mermaid (golden fish size)
    (Bounce everyone likes to get him angr😂)
  • child!John is a wizard ,nobody knows who’s fixing things around the house. One of the family members accidentally knew. (Bounce: genre: fantasy. if he has a grimoire and a Cape . I don’t mind it a little bit long )
  • Child! Gordon rescued a kitten, Alan felt abandoned ( Bounce: Alan felt jealous that his brother loves the kitten more than anything)
  • Virgil finally teaching Scott things about gardening ( bounce: if it’s about how to transfer a plant into the soil . inpatient Scott keeps failing)
  • Virgil and his parents struggled with him in his childhood because he couldn’t get most of instructions given to him / use simple gadgets scissors and icecream scoop with little levers how he became ambidextrous boy. (Bonus: for confused brothers)
  • Lucy leaves Jeff to babysit all his sons alone, he did it like a bro (Bonus: if he let his sons draw him while sleeping on the couch XD)
  • “leave the kid alone” Virgil to any evil citizen. No Rescue missions. (bounce: if the underestimated hostage is the one you must fear the most (Gordon) XD )

Chobrowny from

  • The boys place their bets (on what and who wins, that is for you to decide)
  • Going grocery shopping / making a shopping list
  • Overcoming a fear
  • Meeting a fan
  • Virgil singing in public
  • What each of the boys think their ‘theme song’ is / or what song would they choose to put on while relaxing.


  • I would honestly love to see something cute with Parker and Sherbert
  • Another rescue with Road Hog and Greenhorn


  • Baby Alan puking on Scott.
  • One of the tinies (Gordon, Alan) gets a piercing (you decide the position) and Scott has a hysterical crisis over it (bonus if John gets da piercing).
  • Virgil, while listening to some music, accidentally puts the speakers at full bass at it all resonates in the house.
  • Baby Gordon goes missing and everyone goes crazy in searching him, but he was just in a cardboard box, sleeping.


  • Scott & Alan in any capacity


  • Breakfast – characters: Scott & Alan


  • Scott being sick and needing some bro help and love to take care of him.
  • I’m a huge sucker for EOS and Scott eventually talking and coming to agreements in things or even EOS saving Scotts life.


Scott’s Shades Short by @eag1e98
Virgil steals Scott’s shades.

Firelight by @tsarinatorment
A romantic moment with Buddy and Ellie

Quite the Resume by @scribbles97
Gordon is asked to participate in the torch relay of the next Olympics.

A Seed Once Sown by @darkestwolfx
Believe it or not, they did have a garden on Tracy Island. It looked a little like a… tip. And that was being kind.

An Important Part by @tsarinatorment
John’s care packages sometimes contain a very special box.

The PG Cain Incident by @halorocks1214
“Hmm, being in space must have made him lose some clout. Maybe he should work on getting it back .”

Babysitting Trouble and Alan! by @psychoseal
Scott is left to babysit Gordon and Alan during a family emergency.

Trapped by @scribbles97
It hadn’t been how he had planned to start their romantic weekend away but he was at least grateful that he was there with Penelope

John + Beard by @tracybirds
“I don’t like it,” said Scott with a scowl. “You sure you can’t get it fixed?”

Rite of Passage by @hedwigstalons
“Up and at ‘em, birthday boy.  These pancakes won’t last long if you don’t get down here quick.”

La tarte aux pommes d’or by Yarol2075
Scott needs to thank the Mechanic – it really shouldn’t be so hard.

Virgil’s Christmas Miracle by @psychoseal
Virgil rescues a stray kitten.

Dealing with Bullies by @psychoseal
John is the victim of a bullying gang. His brothers find out and they’re not accepting it.

Chess Master by @tsarinatorment
Gordon had a prized possession.

Grape Juice or Wine by @tsarinatorment
A function that serves alcohol and a teenage brother. Just what Scott needed.

“Has it got any better EOS?” by @such-a-random-rambler
EOS and Scott bonding time.

Parker looking after a baby by @plantmuffin
Parker on babysitting duty

Heroes Made of Gas by @tsarinatorment
A spaceman and his stars.

Caretaker by @tsarinatorment
Scott’s week from hell couldn’t just finish without throwing him a final twist.

When you wish upon a star by @psychoseal
John gets angry and makes a mistake that costs him life as he knows it. Can he put things right or is his life changed forever.

Scott knocked back a glass of bourbon by @misstb2
Two adult brothers and a quiet night.

Scott winding down after a rescue by @tracybirds
After every hard rescue came a few moments of pure bliss.

Biscuits & Band-Aids by @hedwigstalons
John waved goodbye and watched as the airlock began to iris closed.

Riding the Dragon by @tsarinatorment
Scott was excited, and John was not, but who really got the last laugh?

Art comes in many forms by @halorocks1214
Virgil wasn’t expecting to give EOS a lesson in human behavior. That’s usually John’s forte, though, he wouldn’t put it past the ginger to sic her on him for this one, the prick.

Feelings by @scribbles97
Unlike Scott and Gordon his preference for exercise was strength training over cardio.

Fresh Air by @tsarinatorment
When the standard methods of dealing with Scott don’t work, Virgil has to resort to something a little more creative.

Unexpected by @tsarinatorment
When it came to the next generation, Scott didn’t think it would happen quite like this.

Special Delivery by @neuroticphysiologist
John gets to enjoy his favorite Tracy family recipe.

Awe by @tsarinatorment
The Shelbys were probably expecting a certain beautiful Lady when Gordon asked to bring a plus one, not an older brother.

Thrill Seeker by @tsarinatorment
“Launching a rocket into space most days not enough of an adrenaline kick for you, kid?”

Virtual Aces by @eag1e98
Alan finds Scott’s old games and the fun ensues.

The Tale of Scotty-Bear by @tsarinatorment
When Lee Taylor bought a bog-standard teddy bear for his best friend’s baby, he probably didn’t expect it to be quite so popular.

A Little Elevator Incident by @such-a-random-rambler
The space elevator was perfectly designed for its purpose.

I Just Can’t Wait To Be Free by @tsarinatorment
When Scott gets stuck, Gordon’s the only one around – too bad he can’t stop laughing.

Understanding by @darkestwolfx
Now they had to welcome the Thing into their family, it seemed, as though it wasn’t enough that It had already nearly killed John, apparently. Scott has a different view to his brothers on EOS, and a long way to go.

Splatter by @tsarinatorment
Scott was going to regret leaving him to handle Gordon alone, especially when paint got involved.

Making Do by @hedwigstalons
Jeff and Lucy set up house together.

Gordon’s First Rescue by @psychoseal
Gordon rescues a kitten.

The Return of the Dragon by @tsarinatorment
Ten years later they’re back, and this time Alan’s up for the challenge.  John isn’t about to let Scott forget about their last adventure, though.

Wheelhouse by @louthestarspeaker
John steps up to the plate and out of his comfort zone when he offers to go to attend a meeting in Scott’s place. He’s hoping for a simple straightforward evening, but when is anything ever that easy?

Candy Stripers by Chobrowny
The boys are unintentional candy stripers, visiting a childrens hospital in IR gear.

Their Island by @gumnut-logic
It was a tropical island with the foliage to match.

Toffee by @tsarinatorment
Gordon is a lover of many things.  Toffee is not one of them.

International Breakdown by @hedwigstalons
Thunderbird Witch has a problem.

The Big Book of Space by @neuroticphysiologist
Virgil finds a sketchbook owned by one of his brothers.

His hand snuck it’s way across the couch by @willow-salix
His hand snuck it’s way across the couch cushion towards hers, but she pulled away. Frowning he looked at her, but she wasn’t even looking at him, her eyes were focused on his dad, who was staring at them like one would a monkey in the zoo.

Tales of a Silver Hat by @darkestwolfx
Every family had one; the first to crack in the midst of a game. Usually there was a long story involved; tick. Usually, there wasn’t an AI though… Gordon would rather not remember it as it was.

His Part by @gumnut-logic
It started off as a mild annoyance.

What Makes a Party by @hodgehegposts
Cake is the marker of any good party. Too bad Gordon wasn’t there to check.

Revenge (Should Be Piping Hot) by @tsarinatorment
The only aspect of his appearance Virgil cared about was his hair.

Afternoon Tea by @darkestwolfx
A not so normal family couldn’t be expected to have strictly normal friends. So what if they were pot plants and AI’s? Scott swears it’s all something of a dream, he’s overtired as it. But did someone say cake?

Jigsaw by @misstb2
“1000 pieces. Who wants to do this with me?”

Day 47 of Isolation on Tracy Island by @willow-salix
I walked into the kitchen to find a bowl of fish staring at me.

Snuggle Sunday with Virgil and Kayo by @misstb2
Kayo pulled her knees up to her chest resting her chin upon them as she looked out at the horizon across the sea.

The Slackline by @tracybirds
Teenage Scott has been given a slackline for his birthday.

The Rules of Engagement by @tsarinatorment
Even acts of immaturity between brothers have to follow rules.

Little Fingers by @soniabigcheese
Life was full of joy and disappointments, as Virgil knew right through his life. Not just during his role in International Rescue.

Pool Toys by @hedwigstalons
“Grandma is not going to be pleased if you leave that junk all over the deck. I hope you’re going to clean up that mess when you are done.”

Souvenirs by @eirabach
Parker hates clutter.

A Taste of the Tracy by GordonTracy
Kayo and Lady Penelope decide to help the boys dust off their dating skills. Naturally, nothing goes right.

Ow! by @soniabigcheese
The branch came from nowhere, slapping him in the face as it whipped around from the tension it had been holding.

Night at the Opera by @tsarinatorment
Surely an invitation to the opera was better suited for Virgil?  Or one of his other brothers?  No?  Okay, then.  Wait, what do you mean he had to wear a suit?

Sealed with a Kiss by @angelofbenignmalevolence
Gordon/Lady Penelope – Pirate/Mermaid AU

Just Let it Go by @angelofbenignmalevolence
Scott was just trying to get a little work done. Alan and Gordon were working on Alan’s schoolwork. What could possibly go wrong?

Alone Together by @neuroticphysiologist
Alan and Kayo share their stories, then there was a sudden moment that happened between the two of them.

Wonderful Surprises by @neuroticphysiologist
Lady Penelope and Great Aunt Sylvia surprise Parker on his special day.

Seaspray & Stardust by @louthestarspeaker
There is a reason why lost sailors look to the stars

Night Lights by @angelofbenignmalevolence
John’s night light goes out in the middle of the night. Sometimes a little love from Grandma is all it takes to make it better.

Rescues & Rakshasas by @angelofbenignmalevolence
A massive storm has grounded the Thunderbirds and the boys are bored. When the power goes out, Alan decides to bring his family together for a rousing game night featuring Dungeons and Dragons!

A Different Mission This Time by @bonsaiiiiiii
So what happens when Lady P and John are actually close tea friends, but Gordon thinks of something else? Let me spill the hot piping tea for you.


I took them so far by @lightning1999

Clay? What do you want clay for? by @tracybirds

Pirate/Mermaid AU Moodboard by @eirabach

The Challenge

21 March 2020

Okay, the world is up shit creek without a paddle. For most of us this means lots of anxiety, confinement and the need for distraction.

I likes distraction, lots of distraction. It is often the only way my hyperactive brain can stay sane. So, this is my proposal…

A fluffy prompt fest.

(Yes, I know we had Fluffember only a few months ago, but these times call for reinforcement)

We want fluff, we want positivity, we want feel good stuff…with maybe a little whump that ends with buckets of fluff. Like buckets. I’m talking Thunderbird Two sized buckets of fluff 😀


Reblog this post with a prompt you think you’d like written into some kind of short story. I’m emphasising short here. Many of us writers already have megatomes in progress and answers to these prompts may be quick fics on the side. I’m thinking short and fluffy 😀 If a writer chooses to turn it all into the next War and Peace, yay, but the aim will be no pressure and short.

The prompt can consist of a character/s, a pairing or a word/s, a particular genre (as long as it has fluff and happy), a photo, a mixture of things or whatever. But keep it short and not too detailed. You can prompt as many times as you like over the prompting period, which is at the moment at least the next three months.

This will generate a list of prompts on this post for writers to choose from. Be aware that your prompt may not be taken up. This is a no pressure zone and most of us writers have very little control over what inspires us and keeps us going, so…

  • Please do not be offended if your prompt does not get answered. There is no obligation here. Consider your prompt just a suggestion or a possiblity to spark something. We still love you even if we don’t answer your prompt or even if we don’t interpret it the way you wanted. Inspiration is sometimes like a lottery.
  • Please do not tag a particular writer. This is an obligation free zone. What gets written gets written. Do not have any major expectations.


Take any prompt from the list and write.

Do not worry if someone has already answered that prompt. If it inspires you, go for it.

When you’ve finished writing don’t forget to tag the prompter in your post and to add the tags irrelief and irrelief2020 so we can find your fic at a later date.

And then read fic 😀


Apparently shit creek will be from three to six months long. I’m going to try and be positive and have a review point for this little exercise at the end of June. But honestly, I’ll just keep an eye on it and try to make it easy to find.

Keeping in mind that Easter TAG is almost upon us and that many authors are hurriedly attempting to finish that challenge and in no way do I want to interfere with that, cos fic! But there are a few of us who are not participating in that challenge…in my case, not because I didn’t want to, but because I haven’t finished Christmas yet!

But anyways, in summary:

  • Reblog and add a prompt.
  • Grab any prompt and write something.
  • Tag and share the joy.

I’m sure the Tracy brothers would love to be helping us out in these times. So let’s let them 😀


(any questions give me a yell, but if you think I know what I’m doing, I’m going to point and laugh :D)