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I appear to have lost my writing mojo at the moment. Apparently skipping states is not good for my artistic sense. So this is an attempt to get that groove back. I don’t know whether it will become part of the Warm Rain universe quite this way, but it was fun to write in any case. I hope you enjoy this short scene and all it implies.

Scott found him in the hangars as expected, his brother hauling equipment into the module he was planning to take.

“Virgil, I can’t let you go.”

His brother didn’t even look at him. “You can’t stop me.” He lugged some climbing gear over his shoulder and stalked into the module, stashing it in a compartment.

Scott sighed. Part of him wanted to let his brother go, part of him wanted to go with him. But…

“Virgil, please.”

And suddenly his dark haired brother was in his face. “How can you ask me to stand by and do nothing? This is Kayo!”

Scott grabbed his arm. “The GDF-“

“Hah!” And his brother’s voice had a broken edge to it. “The GDF? That same useless military outfit you cursed to hell and back just last week? You’d leave Kayo’s life in their hands?!”


His brother pulled away in disgust, once again grabbing a pile of equipment and loading it onto the module.

He tried again. “What do you think you can do?”

That earned him another glare. “What I always do. Save lives.”

“These are terrorists, Virg!”

“And that’s why I have to go!”

“Kayo knows what she is doing.”

Virgil froze, his back to Scott. A moment passed, then his hoarse voice. “I respect Kayo’s abilities more than you can know, but as you said, these are terrorists. They have her. They also have demands. I can’t-“ He threw the harness he had in his hands hard. Metal clanged on metal. He shoulders drooped. “I have to, Scott. Please don’t fight me on this.”

A sigh, and Scott walked up to his brother, placing a hand on his shoulder, his fingers squeezing the blue uniform. “Virgil, I can’t lose you, too!”

A pair of horrified brown eyes hit him and cut him to the quick. “Too?!” His brother rounded on him. “What exactly are you saying?”

“Nothing, I-“


He bit his lip. This was getting nowhere fast. “Kayo knew the difficulty of this mission going in. She would kill me if I let you get yourself killed going in after her. She has the expertise, you do not. Let her do her job!”

Virgil stared at him and Scott could see the anguish of his thoughts on his face and knew he had lost the fight. His brother reached into one of the pouches on his baldric and drew out something small. With a glare he grabbed one of Scott’s hands and shoved the object into his palm. “Be the best man I know and hold onto that for me until I get back.”

Ten minutes later as he watched Thunderbird Two launch from her platform, Scott opened his palm to stare at the diamond ring.

Its sparkle taunted him.


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