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Oooh @gumnut-logic so sorry, it looks like I actually don’t have the Virgil story I promised.  Looks like it might have been deleted AGGGGGHHHHH.

Try this one, no actual physical ‘Virgil damage’ – except to his heart.  (Please remember – I usually write about Gordon so there’s quite a bit of Gordon in here too!)

Boys and Boxes

Virgil’s first major art exhibition was to be at La Lyntze, the singularly most exclusive venue possible, run by the notoriously grand Eva Lyntze, in San Francisco.

“This is an absolute disaster!”  She bemoaned dramatically, her long slender fingers accentuating her flailing arms, festooned with diamond bracelets, as she waved her hands at the empty walls of her gallery.  She couldn’t stand the stress and told everyone so, repeatedly.  Why?  Well, two weeks before the opening, Virgil should have been in San Francisco with all his paintings.  They had already been photographed, documented and catalogued, ready for hanging – but where was he?  

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Totally loves this 😁

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