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Spotting the Harley in a backlot in the backend of Santa Maria had been a fluke. They had been called out to assist with the landing of a troubled jet at the local airport. Using a combination of Thunderbird Two’s grunt power and a pair of elevator cars, they had caught the ship and prevented any loss of life. The fact they actually found themselves at an airport, somewhere they could actually park in safety, Scott had called for lunch and the four brothers had grabbed a taxi and gone out to explore the eateries of the area.

Virgil had demanded they stop three blocks out.

She was a beauty. Emerald green and chrome. Pristine. And oh my god she had to be his.

Scott had smirked. Gordon had poked fun. Alan stood next to him with similar stars in his eyes and for a moment Virgil thought he would have to fight him for it. Fortunately, the green won him the war.

And for once his IR uniform had worked to his advantage. The owner obviously loved the machine as much as Virgil, but the IR symbol had him handing it over for a good price. Virgil almost felt guilty.

But god she was beautiful.

“You know, Virgil, your two other girls are formidable when jealous.”

“Shut up, Scott.”

“You could say they get green with envy.”

“I’m telling Kayo, you said so.”

Virgil smirked at how quickly Scott backed down after that.

Of course, that was the very moment that another call came in, John and his usual situation alert popping up on all their wrist holos. Amidst the inevitable groaning, Virgil asked the owner if he would be willing to house the bike until he had time to collect her. Bug-eyed at seeing International Rescue in action, he simply nodded. Virgil left him a card and off they went to save the day a second time in twenty-four hours.

Minus lunch.

So the very next time both he and Kayo had a moment to themselves, he nabbed one of their personal jets and hightailed it to California.

Kayo’s expression had been rather appreciative when she set eyes on his new mode of transportation.

He slipped an arm around her waist, a smile curving his lips. “Wanna ride?”

She arched an eyebrow up at him. “Going my way?”

“Always.” He dropped a soft, brief kiss on her lips. “Let’s find us some road.”

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