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For @gumnut-logic , a three-page comic of her fic, “What Mom’s Are For.” Scott is punishing the bag (and himself) in the gym over things he can’t control…or fix… And Grandma is the one doing the rescuing this time.

This was fun! I really enjoyed page 2, heheheh…

OMIGOD! Wow, wow and more wow!

I was at work (I’m a part time Librarian and yes, I work Sundays, drat it) arguing with a broken print management system ::glares at it:: I opened my phone to ring the IT Librarian (who was at home), and stumbled across this. I didn’t get a good chance to look at it until after work, but fortunately I only had to wait another half hour. I have been grinning ever since, a good couple of hours later and I finally get to sit at my computer and gaze at it reverently.

You have no idea how this made my day (work dragged like crazy because everyone was out in the spring weather, where I wanted to be) and this just lifted my spirits like you wouldn’t believe. It is such a compliment to me that you felt inspired enough from my work to create your own ::hugs you, ruffles your hair and offers you a John Tracy to play with::

I can certainly see why you enjoyed drawing page 2 ::evil grin:: I enjoyed reading it 😀 That first column on page two – can you imagine a ticked off Scott Tracy coming at you looking like that? I know I’d run 😀 I also particularly like what you’ve drawn when he realises Grandma is there. You’ve come so close to what I had in my head, thank you so, so much for all the work you have put into this. I am beyond complimented, I am stunned ::many more hugs::


What Moms Are For

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