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“Can you tell me your name?” The voice was female and Scott stepped back to let the doctor closer to her patient.”

My name? “Virgil.” A slow relaxed blink. “Virgil Grissom Tracy.” Who are you?

“Do you know your birthdate?”

Another slow blink. “August 15th.”

“Do you remember what year?”


A pause. “Okay, Virgil. Do you remember what happened to you?”

What happened? “I was flying.” He frowned. “Now I’m here.” He looked up at his brother. “Where am I?” The walls were unfamiliar. Another frown. “A hydrofoil. Gordon! Where’s Gordon?!” He tried to sit up, but Scott held him down.

“Gordon is fine. You were piloting the hydrofoil.”

Virgil stared up at him. “Me?” His eyes darted to his legs and he bent them at the knees, wriggling his toes. Oh, thank god they ached so much. He let them drop and sighed back into the bed. “I’m okay.” A hitched breath. “I’m okay.”

Scott’s lips were thin and his frown worried.

Virgil tentatively reached out. “Are you okay?”

A breath exploded from his brother and he ran a hand through his hair. “Am I okay?” A choked sound was the only answer.

The doctor touched Scott’s arm. His brother visibly flinched and moved away.

Definitely not okay.

Virgil fumbled for his brother’s hand and squeezed. Blue eyes latched onto his and Scott’s shoulders dropped just a notch.


I have been hanging out to write all day and now I can, I’ve run out of energy (it may also have to do with the fact it is 11.45pm after a 7am start and not getting home from work and food shopping until around 7.30pm ::is ded:: ). Tomorrow should only be a half day so hopefully I can get the next part of this evil cliffhanger out to you then.

And many apologies for that cliffhanger. I had promised myself not to do cliffhangers anymore, but this fic was screaming for it. Sorry 🙁 

Thank you all again for your wonderful encouragement. You all feed my pen 😀

Best wishes,
(hanging off the edge with everyone else)

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