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At any other time, Virgil falling off a lounger would have been hilarious, but after recent events, everyone was touchy around the second eldest. They had almost lost him and Virgil was no joking matter.

“I’m fine, Gordon. Just a bad dream.” And then Virgil’s glare hit Scott with a dare for him to say anything else.

Scott obliged and with a sense of déjà vu offered him a hand up. “Pancaking again, Virg?”

The glare sharpened, but he took the offered hand as a wet Gordon stepped back, expression slightly confused.

Virgil grunted as he righted himself. It was obvious his brother was stiff and sore, and he staggered slightly, Scott using his other hand to steady him. “Any reason for sleeping beside the pool?”

“I needed the air.” Virgil didn’t look at him. “I’m going to go have a shower.” He took a step towards the house.

“See you at breakfast.”

Virgil waved a negligent hand in his direction as he walked off into the house.


Scott looked down at Gordon and let out a worried breath. “Yeah.”

-o-o-o- Sotto Voce

Did some writing, despite brain pain (not as bad as Virgil’s, do not worry, I just need someone to stretch the knotted muscles in my neck), but as usual work has taken all I had. Soooo tired. Have a doozy of a scene lined up to end this chapter, so excited, just need the time and non-ded brain to do it. Unfortunately that won’t occur until Sunday, I can’t wait that long, so there will be sleep writing in my future.

::hugs:: to all of you hanging on the cliff with me.

Virgil is so going to hate me after this one ::headdesk::

Best wishes,
(who gives all her energy to work and doesn’t have any left for herself)

PS: I’ve been offered a solo exhibition at the Gallery I mentioned a while ago for the middle of next year. I’m totally terrified. Should I accept the opportunity? It would mean painting a painting at least every fortnight for the next year (on top of jewellery making, parenting and my day job…oh, and writing).

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