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And I’m home again

Incidentally, Virg was lucky I was driving this morning because I was in a foul mood and probably would have whumped him silly to feel better (yes, I can channel whump, be wary, I’m scary 😁 and a little Nutty 😁). But I did drive 230kms and Coca Cola and complaining about other drivers fixed it for the moment.

Meanwhile, Tumblr has exploded. Yay for me joining only months ago. But I’ll sit here and see what happens.

I only have one fic here that I may have to remove. So at some point I’ll have to say goodbye to Goodbye…which, incidentally is the first chapter of my next big Warm Rain fic. In any case, it is on Ao3.

Looking for me elsewhere? I’m Gumnut on most sites (been around long enough to get in early enough for my name) including LJ, DW, and Ao3. And if you are totally desperate, you can contact me through my professional website at (and yes, I’ve had that domain name for about eighteen years too, thank goodness 😁)

Fandom will continue, it is just a matter of where. ::hugs you all::


(Always Off the edge, always learning to fly, no matter the platform)

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