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I feel like fandom generations are both very specific and easily conflated. Like,, you either live through so many they blur together into one hellish mess or you join in on one generation and remain blissfully unaware of the previous ones

 Trekkster Gods 

  • No internet
  • fledgeling fandom 
  • women run everything 
  • seriously where the fuck did we go wrong 
  • fandom wouldn’t exist as we know it without these women
  • conventions, badges, quite a lot of taboo but also lots of fun
  • closely-knit communities
  • mostly discussions in magazines 
  • hogging the phone so you can chat with your friends 
  • (while trying to pretend the rest of your family doesn’t exist)
  • basement meetings 
  • fanart what??

Dawn of Networking 

  • tin-bucket sites and forums 
  • the badly assembled DIY IKEA kits of the internet
  • these were strange places 
  • i’m too young to know firsthand but I’ve heard the stories
  • they were like,, inhabited by eldrich beings
  •  who would sell souls in exchange for fanfics
  • early RPs
  • nobody was quite sure what they were doing
  • but!! You could connect with more fans quickly!!! 
  • made obsessing less lonely
  • yay

“I was there Gandalf”

  • Live Journal 
  • small internet communities  
  • the name “Ann Rice” strikes fear into your heart 
  • also hatred, lots of hatred 
  • adding every warning and rating under the sun, hiding behind NSFW filters even if it isn’t necessary, praying you don’t get reported or deleted
  • you get reported
  • your friends get reported 
  • nobody is safe
  • fuck.

Citrus Cheesecake 

  • DeviantArt and 
  • bright shiny eyes
  • children everywhere 
  • “more of a lime than a lemon >//< but also kind of just a lemon with fluff?” 
  • where did all the adults go? Where were they hiding??
  • pls don’t flame
  • A/N *dances away from your flames because idgaf*
  • omggg such a nosebleed!!!! XD lol
  • characters and authors having conversations in the author’s notes

Archive of Our Saviours

  • ooo we found the adults
  • mass migration by younger fans to Tumblr, Ao3 etc 
  • looking at fandom’s earlier stages like “I have no memory of this place”
  • ratings that had nothing to do with fruit 
  • (thank gods)
  • fandom grows up 
  • we are all grateful 
  • we have proper websites to call home
  • wanderers can finally settle down
  • many fans are Tired

We’re here again, Gandalf

  • your elbows are explicit 
  • cats are explicit
  • there are legends of a paradise of pillows 
  • but none of us wants to leave hell 
  • blue blue blue 
  • a well-respected petblr is flagged as explicit 
  • will we be here in January? 
  • who will survive? 
  • those with sense watch the chaos from Ao3, sipping mocktails
  • but we’re not really scared
  • nothing can kill fandom 
  • not even god. 

@copperbadge sam are you tagged?

Oh in so many of them. I was just old enough to hear stories from my direct elders of the Trekkster Gods; I was born onto the internet in the Dawn of Networking. 

In my own experience, FFN and DevArt came slightly before LJ, and that was the generation I essentially missed (I was in college but if you want to pretend I was the king under the mountain like some kind of depraved fandom Charlemagne, I won’t argue), so I’d swap Citrus Cheesecake and I Was There, Gandalf, but in and of themselves they are all very accurate. 

And it is true that fandom cannot be killed. Many have tried, but our parade will go ever onwards. Our porny, porny parade. 

Also may i suggest “archivists ruled the waves” in the Dawn of Networking

I am both old enough and young enough to remember all of this.

(been in fandom since I was fourteen and learnt from the Trek masters ::bows to them with honour:: I have even met a member of the Australian branch of the Trek Welcommittee, oh so long ago)

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