The ramblings of a Nut who should be doing something else – Adelaide, South Australia

A little Warm Rain. After Green Dragon, before Goodbye.
Language warning.
Excuse: Was feeling a little vague so skipped every prompt I had and wrote this.

He was bleeding.

His hand shook as he reached for her.

It was beginning to snow, white flakes catching in her hair.
It was cold, so bitterly cold.

Where was his helmet?

Kay had her hand on the back of his neck, trying to hold him
up. “C’mon, Virgil, work with me here.”

At least she had her helmet on. That was important.

And then the wind whipped them around. Mountain, snow,
precipice, mountain, snow, precipice, mountain, snow, precipice…

His head spun.



Oh, yeah, impending death.

He reached for her.

His ears were freezing.

His chest was burning.

“Damnit, Virgil, don’t you dare do this to me.” She was
struggling in her harness, their climbing equipment a tangled mess.

Chile. Andes. Rockfall. Trapped climbers.


Another fucking avalanche.

Roaring white. Yelling. Oh god, Kayo! He remembered reaching
her, grabbing her, holding on for dear life.

Sharp rock. Pain. Freefall.

A sudden stop.

He reached for her.

His finger smeared blood on her helmet. “Kay?”

“John’s got Thunderbird Two. He’s bringing her around. We’ll
be down in a moment. Hang on, Virgil.”

“Can never let you go.” He smiled up at her as they spun on
the single rope holding them suspended over the edge of a thousand foot drop. “Marry


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