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You are wonderful

Just a quick note to thank all the wonderful peeps in the Thunderbirds fandom. You guys are amazing. Some mornings I wake up with a full day of work ahead of me with no writing in sight, but there you are throwing prompts and ideas at me, encouraging me, commenting on my fics and scribbles and generally being just great 😀

I was a little concerned about creating an original character in my latest fic, but you guys have just jumped on the Em bandwagon and are riding along with me. I was concerned that the sudden switch to a Scott focus for this fic might annoy those of you who read for Virg, yet this fandom has enough love for all the brothers and again, you’re all bouncing along with me. You are seriously wonderful.

And many thanks to @scribbles97 for the fantastic Scott advice she has been giving me as I fumble my way through another brother’s head (you may laugh at this concept, but I am sure @the-lady-razorsharp remembers my last attempt at writing John and Ridley – I promise to give that another go, with a lot less Virgil in John’s head, I swear 😀 Yes, it was awkward 😀 ).

So, pat yourselves on the back for creating and supporting a fantastic fandom.

I have never been so inspired to write in my life.

::stares at the painting I need to do today, and the graphic design work that was supposed to be one business card and now has become an entire stationery suite for multiple people:: Hmm, I’ll get there today at some point….here’s a little for the meantime 😀

Kayo stared at the ceiling. Virgil had long ago painted a beautiful pale abstract across the plain white plasterboard. Swirls of pastel swooped in lazy whorls like the surface of water at dawn, a calming pattern to trace with tired eyes and she was sure he used it in unconscious meditation to get to sleep some nights.

As usual she had awakened early, the light in the room disturbing her, but unlike most mornings she hadn’t climbed out of bed. Virgil was thankfully still asleep beside her, his soft snoring somewhat reassuring. His hair was beautifully mussed and his face mushed into his pillow as usual, but he was lying on his side facing her, rather than on his stomach and it occurred to her that she should have realised that she hadn’t seen him sleeping on his stomach since the accident. The stretch to get his arms under the pillow must be too much. How had she not noticed?

She reached over and touched his hair. She couldn’t help herself. But he stirred suddenly and she pulled her hand back. He needed his sleep.

Did men ever grow up? Did they need mothering all their lives? She sighed.

He was a challenge, but so worth it.

A hand reached out and sought hers. “Hey.” His voice was rough with sleep.

“Sorry, love, did I wake you?”

“No, no.” He yawned. “Dream.”

She frowned as he rolled onto his back stretching, and, yes, there was the flinch. Damnit, Virgil. She reached over and touched his bicep. “Come here, love.” She pulled gently and he rolled over.

Slipping her arm under his neck, she lay on her back, drawing his head to her chest and stroking his hair. He wrapped his arms around her and she was enveloped in him.

“Love you.” His voice was breathy against her breast.

“Love you, too.” Her voice equally soft.

They simply lay there for a while, not speaking, his breathing evening out as he drifted. She didn’t sleep, but let her thoughts wander, as she stroked his hair.

They had been lucky again. Oh, so, lucky. So close to losing Scott. Losing their big brother. Scott was an irreplaceable presence. They all were, but Scott was the Big Brother, the one they all looked to and followed. She had to admit that Virgil would likely be lost without his brother. In no way did she mean that as a negative, it was just simply how it worked. Virgil was strong, a powerhouse and she adored him, but he wasn’t a leader quite like Scott and he never wanted to be.

And for a long time Scott had been the centre of his world. That centre had shifted now to include her, but she would always stand alongside his eldest brother. The love was far from the same, but it was still love, and she could respect that.

Especially when she loved Scott too.

“You’re thinking too loud.” It was muffled and petulant.

She smiled, letting her fingers trace his ear and drift to his cheek. “I’m thinking about your brother.”

“Which one? And do I need to remove him from your attention?”

A grin. “Scott, and no, trust me, love, you have my full attention.”

He nestled in closer to her in response. “Good. Love you.” A moment later. “What about Scott?”

She rolled her eyes before sobering a little. “Just how lucky we were this time.”

He muttered an affirmative into her skin, his breath warm.

TBC sometime tonight…

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