The ramblings of a Nut who should be doing something else – Adelaide, South Australia

“You!” A hoarse voice and Scott was pinned to the spot as
his brother approached, his finger pointing at him. Virgil’s eyes were boring
into his and the next moment, those brown irises were right up in his face.
“You…” The faint scent of antiseptic and smoke. “Your eyes are very blue.”

Scott blinked, arching his back a little to get his brother
back into focus, but Virgil peered closer, studying Scott’s face. “Very blue.
Almost turquoise. Phthalo? A dash of cobalt? Hmm, maybe even some Cerulean. And
a hell of a lot of glazing.” A finger was jabbed into his shoulder. “You…”
Another jab…and a cough. “You are a lot of work.”

Excerpt from ‘Laugh’ Part 4 of 6 of Listen, Live, Lie, Laugh, Learn and Love

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