The ramblings of a Nut who should be doing something else – Adelaide, South Australia

Written for a friend for fun 😀 Thought I would share the fun with all incriminating names removed 😀 Enjoy.

She dashed around the corner, the glass of ice cold water in her hand, heading for the pool. She didn’t see him, he didn’t see her. The result was a collision and a lot of freezing cold water splashed all over steaming hot skin.

Virgil yelped scrambling backwards, she stumbled desperately trying to catch the glass before it fell. It was a juggle, but she managed it. But then situation stabilised, she now had to look up at a pair of shocked brown eyes.

Of course, for her gaze to get to those eyes, they had to pass over a wet, goose-pimpling waistline, a nice sprinkling of dark chest hair, and a mouth that didn’t know whether to smirk or grimace.

His brow furrowed.

“Oh, god, Virgil, I’m so sorry.” She needed a towel. A towel, I need a towel, stat!

And, of course, at that very moment, Gordon chose to wander past. His brown eyes hit her, then Virgil, eyed his brother up and down, arched an eyebrow at her and, without saying a thing that didn’t involve body language, kept walking.

She was back to having to answer to one pair of brown eyes. If she could stop her own eyes from wandering elsewhere.



(Off the edge, grabbing a Virgil on the way down)

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