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WIP Wednesday. Today I bring you this gorgeous paint by numbers kit. I live the different tones of pink – yes there are 15 different tone,counted them myself – that make up the illusion of feathers.

Did I mention that I am in love with this one?

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And this be my latest little painting that has been sitting ignored for, oh, since 12 May. I did finish my big galah painting since then, but writing has pretty much brought my painting to a screeching halt. That will change in January…which means I really need to start finishing some fic soon!

When this is finished, it will be a New Holland Honeyeater, a common little bird in South Australia.

Thanks for the tag @followthepaintbrush 😁

I’d like to tag @vegetacide @the-lady-razorsharp and @i-am-chidorixblossom Show us you work-in-progress (but only if you want to :D)


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