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Windfall – NEW FIC


This has been a long time in the making with going back and forth on different projects but I’ve finally got there with it with lots of help from @gumnut-logic​ so credit is all on you really Nutty for getting me into writing this.

All it takes is a gust of wind to blow the apples from the tree.

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@scribbles97 has been helping me with my Scott characterisation (and pretty much everything else including my never ending hysterics and the question ‘does this work?’) while I’ve been writing Gentle Rain. So yeah, she’s had to work for her prompt 😁 What do I know about writing Scott? ::grin::

Along the way, I’ve been lucky to read chunks of her wonderful new fic 😁 So yeah, I’ve been spoilt on all fronts 😁

So when I say, go read this fic! I know what I’m talking about. GO READ THIS FIC!!!!

It’s got Scott, its got Virg, drama and whump 😁

Thankyou, Scribbs, for writing such a lovely fic. ::hugs you::


(Finally on holiday, yay! Let the painting and riting begin)

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