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Virgil’s Theme

I’m a librarian and this gives me access to a whole range of media. I was looking for some new music and came across #ChilledPiano. Virgil plays the piano, I like a little piano music, I thought I would give it a go.

I got stuck on one tune – Fix You (number 17 on the list) and I played it over and over. The second fic I wrote in this fandom was called A Good Day – it was written to this tune looping. It is not the piano piece that Virgil devastates his family with in the story, but it was what kept me writing. Later, A Little Privacy was written the same way. It has kinda become my own little Virgil theme.

Why? Well, he plays the piano, I can imagine him playing it. It is a stirring piece of music – a piano rendition of Cold Play’s Fix You. it is kinda relaxing and stirring at the same time. For those of you who have read A Good Day, it would be like the thread of hope that wove throughout Virgil’s emotional composition.

It was the music behind the fic and I adore it. I thought I would share it, just in case some of you might like it too.

Incidentally, the rest of my fics have been written to a combination of Thunderbirds, Marvel and Star Trek soundtracks, the #ChilledPiano collection, and I even dug out the soundtrack to Titanic for a bit there somewhere. Il Mago is currently being written to some house/dance music – the Mint series which is old (I used to write to it ten years ago), but includes music like My Time. Very boppy and energetic, which is great for action scenes.

Anyway, random post because I have no fic to share 🙁 Unless I come up with something in the next half hour or so as it is past 10pm here and I saw 2pm before bed last night as I was all revved up having finished Part Three of Il Mago and I am mostly zombie.

Thank you to everyone who has read and commented on my fics, you guys keep me steaming along and achieving like I never thought I would. You are wonderful, thank you so much for feeding my pen ::hugs::

(do you ever feel like levitating and floating when you are tired? I do :D)

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