The ramblings of a Nut who should be doing something else – Adelaide, South Australia


Her scream shot through
his mind like a bullet from a gun and suddenly she was everywhere.

He was breathing in the
material of her dress, his hair was aflame with her anger, his ears rung with her

No! you can’t have him!

There was light, searing
light, red hair, pale skin. Fire.

And an inky black.

It dripped between the
flames and where it touched him, it burned.

God, it burned.

He struggled pulling
backwards, but there was nowhere to go. There was no way out.

Eos screamed his name

And eyes so green, so like
her father’s, flashed in front of him, her expression one of pure terror. Virgil, no!

And he was being pulled
forward. He was being pulled out. The light was blinding.

NO! YOU CAN’T! A blanket of roaring sound washed
over him, taking all thought, taking everything.

He stumbled, a kiss
brushed his cheek, and his world burst into flame.

He burned. Everything
burned. A wind tore around him and whipped up all the darkness, wrapping it in white
fire. It spun into a whirlwind, its ferocity shredding all before it as it tore
away into the whiteness.

Virgil blinked and it was all
gone. Silence. There was only white, pulsating white, pulling gently.


No answer.



His breath hitched.

No. No. He felt around. She
had to be here somewhere. EOS?!

He took a step backwards
and stumbled again.

This time he fell.


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