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“Uh, Virgil, I need a favour.”

He blinked. “John?” A frown. “Are you okay?”

“Um, I need you to come up to the station.”


A sigh. “The locking mechanism to one of the bathroom
cubicles is jammed.”


“While I’m in it.”

It took a moment for his brain to do the math on that.
“You’re stuck in the toilet?”


Despite everything…everything…Virgil’s lips couldn’t help
but smirk. “Really?”

“Yes, really. And I can’t get out. EOS has transferred
monitor duties to Grandma, but I need your help to get out of

“Gordon’s gonna love this.”

“Gordon isn’t going to find out about this, is he?” The glare
made it across thousands of miles of space and atmosphere even without visuals.

“We’ll see. I’ll be there shortly.”

“Thanks, Virgil.” And John signed out.

Virgil couldn’t help but smile.


I’m writing, I promise, but this fic just keeps going…so tempted to post part one…

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