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Tumblr to my own WordPress site

I’m considering creating my own WordPress website and moving off of Tumblr. The site is beginning to freak me out with all its sudden and weird changes and I’m thinking of jumping ship while my blog is still small, moving the content to a self hosted site (I’m a web designer, I have webspace sitting around), and then automatically populating this blog from my new WordPress blog.

The question is…would you all still follow me if the content was being generated elsewhere? I’d still be around, I just want my content to be safe and under my control.

The reason I need a blog rather than just populating Ao3 or is because I have a huge pile of WIPs that I haven’t posted to either of those archives and they belong in my universe timelines (Warm Rain mostly) and are kept track of here on my Master Story Page.

So I’m wondering if any of you would find it annoying if I did this. You could still read it here, but you might be taken away to the blog if you click on the post. You would also be able to subscribe via email.

Any thoughts or concerns?


(Who has found a wonderful home here with wonderful people, but the building appears to have termites and I’m concerned that the house may fall on my head and take all my hard work with it)

PS: If I do this, I have to find time to do it and that is a rare thing, so it won’t happen immediately or anything.

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