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Technically wrote this for @gumnut-logic! I may have said I should try whumping someone other than Gordon : Virgil seemed like a good choice!

But then I ended up whumping them both o_O habits! My bad!


Everything feels wrong. More than just being stuck in the middle of a storm. A summer storm, with it’s high winds and possibilities of generating tornados, was well into the first hour of Virgil and Gordon being stuck on the side of the road. Specifically, under a bridge at the radio’s warning of a cyclone in the area. John had confirmed it the moment the alert had registered.

What felt wrong was the fact that this was supposed to be their vacation. Their rare trip home to visit the farm. Virgil had been planning it for months, trying to find the best time the two of them could leave IR short two pilots. Of course, he would pick the one moment a horrendous storm would come through.

“Not your fault, Virge.” Gordon spoke from the passenger seat, foot tapping on the dash from sheer lack of activity while he thumbed through his tablet feed. How his little brother knew his frustrations was beyond him, the blonde not having looked up from the news scrawled across the device.

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@godliltippy wrote a fic for me ::bounces up and down:: Any of you who know me will know what it may involve. Go read 😀


(Considering payback :D)

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