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I love the way Jim is straight up glaring holes into M’Benga in the second gif like:

“Excuse me? Where are your paws right now? Do you even know how to fix a Vulcan? How dare you. If you ain’t Leonard McCoy then you being too extra. Back that shit up, I don’t trust you to patch up my man.”

Bones has to come over and be like: *resisting eyeroll so hard in the third gif* “Jim baby, it’s OK. The guy is trained in Vulcan physiology (and is also slightly a fucking genius). I trust him, and I don’t trust anybody. So you can go ahead and take my word for it.” ALL GENTLE FFS

Jim: *Visibly deflates, un-clenches fists, contains homicidal thoughts, puts knife back in boot, returns to being a buttery house cat of pure love*

Have to reblog the “buttery house cat of pure love”!

Okay, I’m a Trekkie from way back and a major Kirk fan (so yeah why the Virgil and not the Scott? No idea). I just love these gifs.


(The edge has many alternate transports – Thunderbirds, The Enterprise (no A, B, C, D or any other damn letter of the alphabet :D), Moya, Bab5, the occasional Stargate and let’s not forget Kitt, but he has a fear of Flying so I’m taking Turbo Boost instead 😀 )

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