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This time Virgil leapt and caught her, his skin shrinking away from her heat. “Please, Eos, don’t do this.” His voice was raw.

Her eyes tore at him. “This ends. He can not have you. I will not let him.” She flung herself to her feet. This time, two tongues of flame extended from her hands like cats-o-nine tails, her fire licking at the air eagerly.

“Do you really think, you can have any effect on me?” John’s smirk was disdainful, despite his smoking hair.

“I really do.”


But I really don’t. I went to bed at four am this morning/last night because I got hooked into a really good fic by tenjounotora and had to get up at 7.30am and honestly the sleep in between wasn’t crash hot ::falls over ded:: So because I indulged and read most of those 90-odd thousand words all at once, I am now exhausted and unable to write ::headdesk:: However, I do have a day off tomorrow, during which I hope to finish off Chapter Five (amongst doing business finance records and a few more earrings on catch up). I’m sorry there is just too much good fic out there 😀 Thank you so much to all of you who have commented repeatedly on this fic, you’ve all made this a magical experience and proven that yes, art is a journey best shared, no matter the medium. ::hugs you all, then falls asleep on your shoulder, snores::



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