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This is all I said in reply to your post: :cracks up:: Oh, I’m sure you know the fandom. It’s Virgil-centric Thunderbirds fanfic all the way :D Hmm, I don’t think I’ve ever asked for fic before ::ponders:: I’m down with a cold at the moment, so my writing muscles aren’t working. I know some peeps would love a little Virgil/Kayo and if you could throw in sick!Virgil just for the occasion that would be lov


feel better

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Aww, thanks ::grins madly:: Tags @vegetacide and @the-lady-razorsharp cos they will enjoy too 😀

I likes the dizzy Virg 😀 Poor Virgil with the sinuses 😀 ::cracks up and falls over dead over the Terrible Two in the doorway::

This was a wonderful laugh, thank you so much for writing this 😀 I’m spoilt. I hope you don’t prick your finger anymore, unless there is a spindle and handsome prince involved immediately.


Rubber glove ::giggles::

Do you have a request in return?


(There be more nutty in Nutty than usual today)

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