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There had been plans tonight to write, but I ran into a workmate at lunchtime today. A workmate who, amongst many things, co-ordinates a gallery. She had just seen my Galah painting on Facebook and suggested I hold an exhibition at the Gallery next year. So fabulous, yay, I’ve spent tonight putting together an exhibition proposal.

But that means no writing. 🙁 

Many, many thanks to the wonderful people who offered suggestions to my question regarding how to trap a brother. I have some specific requirements on how and why he is trapped so I will be working it out in my head further, but all those suggestions….oh, the fic that could be written ::cackles evilly:: Sorry, Virgil 😀

Instead of fic, have one of the works I’m sending in as an example of what kind of paintings I might create for the exhibition next year. The series is called Fantastical Worlds and every painting features a lone woman and at least one tree 😀

‘There is always Spring in Autumn’, commissioned for a book cover, acrylic on board, 20x25cm.

Best wishes,
(who now has to paint between 10 and 20 paintings in the next year, yikes)

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