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The Warm Rain Universe

Here is a post that puts all the little bits and pieces of my writing in this universe in order. My apologies for any confusion, my brain was focussed on Sotto Voce when this was started, so I kinda went in for all the juicy bits and ignored all the connecting tissue. Most of it is organised in my head, but I forget you can’t read my neurons 😀 So here be the correct order of the universe so far.

Lug Day – Scott pokes Virgil into a realisation.

Feel the Earth Breathe – Kayo gets injured.

Road Rash – Virgil gets a new scar while saving a life.

Sharing the Scenery – Kayo gets an inkling of a realisation (who wouldn’t staring at that? :D)

Made for Heavy Lifting – shortly after Sharing the Scenery. The whole house knows by now. Grandma makes a bet.

First major fic – not yet written – starts immediately after Made for Heavy Lifting.

  • Their first kiss
  • The Alphabet Song – not sure if this is actually part of the story, but this is where it belongs in the continuity.
  • Kayo goes out on a mission and gets captured.
  • Virgil goes after her – I don’t know if the ring will be included in the story as this is actually a little too early in their relationship for this, but it felt really good to slot it in for fun when i was writing 😀
  • Virgil gets shot saving Kayo –  This is the bit you have all asked for more detail on. And yes, Kayo shot the bad guy, not Virgil…it would probably help if I indicated which direction she was pointing the gun 😀
  • Scott lays out some truths for Kayo
  • For a Smile – proof that the silly idiot will do anything for her. Their second kiss.

Virgil and his HarleyBit One and Bit Two – still a wip.

They get married at some point.

Second major fic – not yet written – set quite a bit further into the timeline. Events related to those of the first major fic which will have to be written first.

  • Goodbye – They are married, but Virgil is still a self sacrificing idiot. Warning: explicit content.

Warm RainBit One and Bit Two – Where this all started. This scene is about ten years into their future. They have their own house on the island (incidently on the same beach that Goodbye was set 😀 ). This, of course, assumes Kayo doesn’t kill him when she finally gets a hold of him after the events in Goodbye 😀

So, yeah, there you go. According to Tumblr, this universe is only three weeks old, so a lot has happened in a very short time. Any questions, don’t hesitate to give me a yell, particularly if I have missed anything 😀

I hope this gives it all a little more sense 😀

(and yes, this is all your fault :D)

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