The ramblings of a Nut who should be doing something else – Adelaide, South Australia

The sound of a single shot, echoed by laughter.

The small shudder of his body, the sharp exhalation of his breath in her ear, the lack of any other sound as he held her, made her decision for her.

Years of anxiety, of secrets, of regret and pain…a choice she had been running from was made.

And under the terror and fear for the man desperately attempting to loosen her bonds, her course was set.

“Virgil?” Her voice came out weak.

He didn’t look at her, his lips tight. “We have to go.”

There was another sharp retort from overhead and this time he did gasp, staggering a step into her space as his body took the impact.


But her hands were suddenly free, and they were moving. He stumbled at first, but then something solidified in his expression and they dove for cover.

The next retort missed them completely. The figure far above swore.

But as she touched her brother in the shadows, gently moving him behind her, she took the stolen gun from his trembling hands and lowered him to the ground. Her decision was made.

The engineer attempted to grab it back. “No!”

She only had one family.

And they were worth everything to her. Everything. And Virgil…

The gun came up, she aimed and fired.


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