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Retro Style | ©Isabella Arriaga

@gumnut-logic ooooh Virg got himself some snazzy aftermarket swag for his bike…and Kayo wearing a scarf as a crop top, lol

He took her back to California.

The sun caught her chrome as he rolled her out of module two
onto the tarmac, the heat of the afternoon making itself felt against his leathers.

He’d thrown on his chaps for old times’ sake, and the
bandanna. His ring shone on his finger.

TB2 was to return to base with Gordon, and he and Kay had
the weekend to themselves. Gordon had jumped at the opportunity – not only to
fly Thunderbird Two, but to swap the time for an aquatics reunion the previous

There was a touch of betrayal to take his bike over his ‘bird,
but it had to be done. They had to celebrate her repairs and rejuvenation.

And besides it was worth the view.

Kay wasn’t wearing leather. Kay was wearing tight pants and
little more than a scarf to keep her torso legal. As she strode confidently
into the sunlight, the emerald in her belly button sparkled.

“We ready?” She tipped her sunglasses onto the end of her
nose and looked down at him from the ramp, knowing full well what her
appearance was doing to him and revelling in it.

He swallowed. “Ready.”

An arched eyebrow, and when he didn’t respond further,
flicked her collar. “We’re off, Gordon. You may depart.”

Virgil’s eyes widened and he walked the bike further away
from his ‘bird as Kay took the final steps off the ramp of the module, just in
time for the door to close and Two to start lowering. No doubt Gordon was
having as much fun at his expense as Kay was.

“Very funny.”

“Gordon thought so.” She caught up with him, leant over and
kissed him briefly, before swinging a leg over the bike and getting herself
comfortable. A little throaty as she patted his seat. “Want to join me?”

Virgil rolled his eyes, but slid onto the bike and started
her up. Her throaty rumble was drowned out by the roar of his ‘bird taking off
behind them. He couldn’t help but look up at a perspective he didn’t often see.

His comm spoke up. “Have a good weekend, Virg. Don’t do
anything I wouldn’t do.”

“That is not much of a restriction, Gordo.” Though Virgil
had plenty of plans to do things that Gordon most certainly couldn’t do.

A laugh. “Live a little, Virgil.” And TB2 fired her thrusters
and disappeared into the distant blue.

They were left with the throaty rumble of his bike.

“Are we going somewhere?” Breathy in his ear, hands wrapped
around his waist.

He smiled. “Hold on tight.”


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