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Kayo couldn’t recall the last time she’d been drunk.

Being responsible for the security of five (well, seven, if you counted Brains and Grandma) people didn’t lend itself to bacchanalian pursuits, but tonight–

She sank into the chair, fully aware that she was in complete deshabille, should one or another Tracy happen to knock. However she was still fairly decent in her full-length slip; she’d just removed the tight black satin sheath and her exhausting Louboutins, and now was just comfortable.

And drunk.

Pleasantly so.

Virgil was in the shower, belting out an Elvis tune, betraying his own blood alcohol content. Kayo took another mouthful of liquid red velvet and grinned to herself, thinking back on the evening’s events. The wedding had been a small one, attended by about two dozen of Brains and Moffie’s friends and rounded out by the Tracy clan, but everything had been first class. Kayo would forever treasure how adorable the two engineers were, standing in the ancient chapel by candlelight, and how when it came time for his vows, Brains pledged himself to his blushing bride without a single wobble.

She found herself giggling, thinking of the two getting the second half of the festivities under way, and drew the notice of her own groom, who was emerging from a cloud of steam and showing quite a lot of dusky flesh.

“What’s so funny?” He asked, grinning as he pulled on a pair of boxer briefs. “Or have you had enough to drink so that everything’s funny?”

“Both,” she admitted. “Just thinking of Moffie making a man out of our shy engineer.”

“He’s a smart guy, he’ll figure it out.” He chuckled. “Scott sent them a bottle of champagne; that’ll take care of any lingering shyness.” He watched her as she lay looking at him upside down, her own wineglass in hand. “I’m pretty sure you’ve had enough,” he quipped.

“Hmm, definitely enough to take care of any shyness.” She reached out to rake her nails along the inside of his thigh.

Virgil let out a snort of laughter. “Angel, there’s not a shy bone in that gorgeous body of yours. Never has been.” He leaned down and scooped her up, wineglass and all. “What do you say, wanna act like a couple of newlyweds?”

She tossed the rest of the wine back and he dipped to let her put the glass on a table. “Thought you’d never ask,” she purred.

Totally adores!!!! Oh, so everything ::sighs and hangs upside down on my own lounge chair because I can::

Oh, wonderful. Two Lady R fics in the last hour ::more sighs:: Thank you oh so much 😀


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