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That court fic, that epilogue is now over 5000 words and still going. This is all your fault ::glares at those responsible:: And yes, @scribbles97 you were right, I did make it an entire fic ::headdesk:: The below is rough as bags and not proofed as I have to go out, but enjoy anyway 😀

Virgil’s shoulders dropped. “No, one managed to reach Two’s starboard rear thruster and it was disabled, taking a good percentage of flight control with it.”

“So you found yourself in danger of crashing?”

His brother looked up. “Both rear thrusters and VTOL were disabled. Yes, we were going down.”

Virgil had sworn a blue streak across comms. Scott, still caught up in rescuing the airliner had been unable to respond. He had watched as his brother’s ‘bird began her plummet to Earth.

A swallow, another shift in his seat and Virgil’s face paled even further.

“Mr Tracy, if you are unwell, the trial can be postponed.”

“No, I’m fine.”

“You did just survive a plane crash.”

“I’m fine.” It was growled. Stubborn bastard. Scott raised his hand to draw the attention of Dunning, but his brother’s eyes swung around and pinned him to his seat.

Scott lowered his hand.

“I-I did everything I could to prevent my ‘bird from going down, but the explosion had taken out most of her systems. Scott flew over to assist. He took the controls – “

“Your brother boarded a crashing plane.”

Virgil faltered. “Uh, yes, I – I asked him, too.”

“What of the airliner?”

“Thunderbird Five took control of Thunderbird One.”

“Why didn’t he take control of Two?”

“Auto-relay systems were shorted. I was on manual only.”

“So Scott boarded your plane at the risk of his own life?”

Virgil’s mouth was open, nothing was coming out.

“Mr Tracy?”

A cleared throat. “Yes, I asked him to risk his life.”

“Scott!” It was a hissed whisper from behind. John. “Sit down!” And yes, he was halfway to his feet. His butt hit the cushion and shook his teeth.

“Mr Tracy, it is the nature of your work that your lives may be risked at any time, is it not?”

“Y-Yes, sir.”

“How many times have they been risked because of idiocy?”

“Objection!” The other lawyer bounced to his feet.

The judge eyed the man a moment before sighing. “Sustained. Please, Mr Dunning, restrict yourself to the specified events.”

“Very well.” He turned back to Virgil. “Scott boarded Thunderbird Two…”

His brother blinked and straightened again. “Yes, he was able to take control of the flight while I attempted to repair ship systems to halt our descent.”

“You were not successful?”

“Unfortunately, no, though I did manage to mitigate damages by restoring two of her VTOL thrusters. They slowed us enough to stabilise the landing somewhat.”

“But there were still injuries?”

“Thunderbird Two is out of commission for the foreseeable future, Scott sustained a major concussion, and I, well…” He shrugged and winced. “…have seen better days.”

“In fact, you have a fractured skull, six broken ribs and a broken arm, do you not?”

“And assorted bruises, yes.” Virgil glared at the man, not a fan of having his vulnerabilities paraded. Scott rolled his eyes.

“All because of Fischler.”

“Objection! My client is not on trial here!”

Dunning turned around and glared. “I beg to differ. These men risk their lives to save others on a daily basis and your client continues to endanger more and more lives. This is a proven fact.”

“Nothing has been proven…”

“The comet that nearly collided with not only a space station but the planet as well was proof enough. Did you know that three of these brothers, including Virgil sitting right here, nearly died in that incident, too?”

“That is not relevant-“

“I never asked them to interfere!” And Fischler was on his feet again.

A gavel hit wood hard. “Gentlemen!”

The sudden silence in the room was only broken by a mutter from Fischler as he was once again dragged back onto his seat by the woman behind him.

“Mr Dunning, I repeat, please restrict your comments to the current incident.” The judge’s glare targeted the back of the room. “Mr Fischler, keep quiet or you will be expelled.”

Scott only had eyes for his brother. Virgil was literally sagging in his seat. Apparently the judge had noticed. “Mr Tracy, thank you for your testimony. We will take a fifteen minute recess. Please take a moment to rest. There is a room down the hall.” The judge waved a court officer over.

Scott was on his feet without thinking, his own court officer trailing him. “Virgil!”

Brown eyes caught his, but the hand of the court came down on his arm and he was held back.

They led Virgil away.


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